Nektar Impact GX Mini: Portable Budget MIDI Keyboard with DAW Software Control Box

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Nektar Technology has released the Impact GX Mini, a compact, inexpensive MIDI keyboard that features 25 keys, an X / Y joystick, and a basic set of DAW control keys.

The novelty is a smaller modification of the SE25 keyboard. According to the manufacturer, the Impact GX Mini was designed with portability in mind.

All 25 keys of Impact GX Mini are velocity sensitive, and the joystick can be used for pitch bend, modulation and more (commands can be assigned). A sustain pedal can be connected to the keyboard.

The company has made a special emphasis on the DAW control unit. Eight buttons can be used for quick, seamless control over the software. Through the keyboard, you can control the tracks, their individual parts, the mixer, the selected virtual instrument, etc.

Impact GX Mini is compatible with Mac OS, Windows, iOS, Linux.

In the European market, a new keyboard from Nektar will appear in the near future at a price of 70 euros.

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