Rhino to reissue Live Super Deluxe Edition by Fleetwood Mac

American label Rhino announced the release of April 9, 2021 the new reissue of the album Live legendary group Fleetwood Mac to release the Super Deluxe Edition . The first edition of the double album was released in 1980. The record is based on live recordings of the band made in 1979 and 1980 during the Tusk tour .

The recordings were remastered for the new edition. The release will delight such hits of the Fleetwood Mac group as Dreams, Don’t Stop, Go Your Own Way, Rhiannon and others. The album will be released on two 180-gram vinyl records and duplicated on CDs.

Rhino to reissue Live Super Deluxe Edition by Fleetwood Mac

In addition, the Super Deluxe Edition will also include another CD with previously unreleased live recordings of Fleetwood Mac 1977-1982, over an hour long. These recordings were made during the 1977 Rumors and 1982 Mirage tours . Finally, the bonus 7-inch single will feature previously unreleased demos of Fireflies and One More Night .

The deluxe reissue of Fleetwood Mac Live Super Deluxe Edition will be offered in a hard case, complete with a booklet with rare photos of the band, a map showing the Tusk Tour itinerary , and a history of this album written by David Wild. The reprint will be released in a limited edition of 1,000 copies. The pre-order of new items is already open on the official website of the label. The album cost $ 109.98 .