The Motion Sonic bracelet from Sony is interesting not only for its functionality, but also for how it enters the market: the company presented it on the IndieGoGo crowdfunding platform and has already raised almost 1 million yen for its production with a goal of 8.7 million.

The bracelet itself is an effects device that allows you to change the sound of musical instruments depending on the movements of the musician. The description says that “the music can be played with the body” – more instinctively, naturally and creatively.

For example, playing the strings triggers the LPF, Pitch and Feedback effects. When using the keys, you can control the pitch with your hand, adding a tremol-like effect. The delay can also be adjusted by lifting the arm with the bracelet up and down. The wristband recognizes palm turns, shaking and many different movements, allowing you to change the sound of the instrument.

The bracelet is based on a 6-axis sensor. You can set your own effects and assign them to specific movements in a proprietary application available only for iOS devices. The same smartphone will need to be connected to the system to which the instruments are connected. Glover gloves.

In addition to the sensor itself, the kit includes two bracelets for various mounting options and a Type-C charging cable. As part of this campaign, Sony Motion Sonic will only ship within Japan and the United States. One sensor will cost 23,900 yen. Fundraising will end by the end of June.

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