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7Artisans 9mm F5.6 introduced: A full frame wide-angle manual lens

7Artisans 9mm F5.6 – Full-frame wide-angle lens for $479
7Artisans 9mm F5.6 – Full-frame wide-angle lens for $479

7Artisans Photoelectric Technology Co. , Ltd. has now officially presented  on its website the new ultra-wide-angle manual lens 7Artisans 9 mm 5.6 for the most popular mirrorless systems, which promises a very short shooting distance and a viewing angle of 132 degrees, and has also started selling it. The price is $480, which, in our opinion, is a little expensive for manual focusing optics from not the top manufacturer.

The new lens does not have the distortion that comes with fish-eye optics and was designed specifically for mirrorless cameras with E, Z, RF and L mounts. 7Artisans says it is one of the few true ultra-wide-angle full-frame lenses on the market.

The new lens features a rather complex optical design: 16 elements in 12 groups, including two aspherical, three high-refractive and two ultra-low-dispersion. The manufacturer promises high image quality, sharpness and minimal distortion even at the edges of the frame.

For reference, the Laowa 9mm f/2.8 Zero-D from Venus Optics has a 15 element design in 10 groups. It’s also worth noting that most, if not all, 9mm lenses released in recent years have been designed for APS-C and MFT formats. Therefore, 7Artisans decided to explore a new niche by releasing such optics for full-frame cameras.

The lens has an aperture range of f/56 to f/22 and a five-blade aperture design that promises 10-pointed star bokeh.

The 7Artisans has aperture and focus control rings as this lens is completely manual. The wide angle allows you to create visually exaggerated photos thanks to the ability to focus as close as 20 cm. The manufacturer claims that, combined with a wide viewing angle, it is ideal for both photos and videos.

As mentioned, the lens is just 7.8 cm long and weighs 463 grams, which the company says is “not a terrible weight” for such a versatile optic.

MTF graphs and optical design

The main “downside” of the new 7Artisans 9mm f/5.6 lens is that it’s manual, but photographers willing to live with that will have one of the most affordable wide-angle full-frame lenses on the market.

Looking at the sample photos above, sharpness isn’t the lens’ strongest asset, but distortion appears to be very well controlled. Since the lens does not have an electronic connection to the camera, you cannot use the camera software to correct optical distortion and vignetting.

What about the prices?

The 7Artisans 9mm F5.6 lens is already available for purchase on the manufacturer’s website for $479.

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