Blazar Remus 1.5x Anamorphic cine lenses announced


The Chinese company Blazar (previously called Great Joy and also produced cinema optics) has released a new set of anamorphic cinema lenses with a compression ratio of 1.5x – the Remus line. Currently the series includes three lenses with focal lengths of 45, 65 and 100mm. At the same time, the optics turned out to be quite compact and light – the weight of the lenses does not exceed 800 grams. Thus, the lenses are designed for both full-fledged cinema cameras and mirrorless cameras with advanced video capabilities.

The new cine lenses are designed for full-frame cameras and will be available with Canon EF and PL-mount bayonet mounts. Two versions will be available: with blue and amber anamorphic highlights.

The manufacturing company reports that the 45mm lens weighs 720 grams, the 65mm lens weighs 782 grams, and the 100mm lens weighs 788 grams. The physical length of the new lenses ranges from 9 to 12 cm, which also indicates their compactness. The available rotation angle of the focus ring is 150°.

Optically, the Blazar Remus 45mm T2 1.5x lens consists of twelve elements in ten groups, the Blazar Remus 65mm T2 1.5x lens consists of ten elements in nine groups, and the Blazar Remus 100mm T2 1.5x lens consists of eleven elements in nine groups. All three lenses have a sixteen-blade diaphragm.


Detailed characteristics of optics are in the infographic below:

All lenses have an outer diameter of 80mm for mounting compendiums and a front filter diameter of 77mm. Interestingly, all lenses have a fairly short minimum focusing distance: the 45mm has a minimum focusing distance of 68 cm, the 65mm has a minimum focusing distance of 69 cm, and the 100mm has a minimum focusing distance of 71 cm.

The Blazar Remus series of anamorphic film optics will be available as a set of lenses at a price of $2,800. There is no information yet on the start date of deliveries of the new anamorphic cinema lenses.

Previously, the first image of the 7Artisans cine lens for Sony E was published . The cine lens turned out to be quite large and, apparently, heavy. However, it is intended for use with cameras with an APS-C (Super 35) format matrix.

There are several attachment points visible on the lens body, as well as various markings for more convenient operation. At the same time, in a teaser published earlier, the company stated that the new product would be the beginning of a new series of optics from 7Artisans. Thus, we can conclude that 7Artisans are preparing to announce other cinema lenses.