Canon introduces MS-500 high sensitivity camera

Canon MS-500 Ultra High Sensitivity Camera
Canon MS-500 Ultra High Sensitivity Camera

Canon has introduced the MS-500 , which it calls the world’s first high-sensitivity interchangeable lens camera with a 1-inch 3.2-megapixel Single Photon Avalanche Diode (SPAD) SPAD sensor Uses a standard B4 bayonet mount for 2/3″ broadcast lenses. The price is $25200.

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Canon MS-500 Camera

The pixel pitch is 6.39µm and the MS-500 captures Full HD color images. Focus – Manual or One-Shot AF.

The SPAD sensor does not work like the usual CMOS, SPAD uses technology that converts light particles (photons) into an electrical charge that is amplified a million times and turns into a digital signal. This allows you to shoot with a minimum amount of light with a brightness of 0.001 lux. The company says that when using special telephoto lenses, it is possible to capture sharp color images from a distance of several kilometers, even at night. There is also a special infrared night mode.

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Canon MS-500 Camera Interfaces

Among the interfaces in the camera are: RS-422 serial remote control interface, 3G SDI, Genlock, 12-30 V DC power input, service port and LAN.

The MS-500 is designed primarily for video surveillance, but it can also be used for wildlife photography and other photo and video projects as a rental camera.

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The camera works with Canon broadcast lenses


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