Canon R3 Mark II announcement may take place in 2025

Canon R3 Mark II

One of the sources has provided details about the Canon EOS R3 Mark II camera. The announcement of the second generation of this reportage full-frame mirrorless camera may take place in 2025.

It is clarified that Canon previously updated its flagship full-frame DSLR cameras every 4 years. By the way, the announcement of the Canon EOS R3 took place back in September 2021.

The second generation camera, the Canon EOS R3 Mark II, says a source, may feature a Global Shutter. Previously, this technology appeared in the third generation reportage camera from Sony – the Sony A9 III. Also, similar technology may appear in one of the new cameras from Nikon.

Canon is also set to announce two more flagship-level cameras: the expected Canon EOS R1, as well as the Canon EOS R5 Mark II.

Announcement of Canon R3 Mark II may take place in 2025
Announcement of Canon R3 Mark II may take place in 2025

Canon EOS R1

The official announcement of Canon EOS R1 is scheduled for the first quarter of 2024. The camera is due to hit the market ahead of the 2024 Olympic Games in Paris.

The Canon EOS R1 may have an electronic viewfinder with a resolution of 7 million pixels and support for a high refresh rate of 120 Hz. The source separately clarified that the Canon EOS R1 camera will have a gaze focus control system – through the electronic viewfinder as in the Canon EOS R3 model. At the same time, the system itself will be improved.

The resolution of the Canon EOS R1 matrix can be 45 megapixels. This is a fairly high figure for a camera that should be able to work as a reportage camera. The device body will have two slots for CFexpress memory cards.

The camera will receive know-how: a new automatic focusing system, which, judging by a number of sources, will be called Quad Pixel Auto Focus (QPAF). How much more effective it will be than the current system from Canon (Dual Pixel AF II) is still unknown.

Canon EOS R1 will also receive advanced functionality for video shooting. It was reported that the video capabilities and software for these tasks, which will be implemented in the Canon EOS R1, were developed by the Cinema EOS team responsible for the company’s line of cinema cameras.

Canon EOS R5 Mark II

The new second-generation product may receive a QPAF ( Quad Pixel AF ) autofocus system developed by Canon. It will provide an increase in the capabilities of the automatic focusing system: smoothness and accuracy.

One of the sources published information about the matrix that this camera will receive. According to him, it will be a 60 megapixel sensor. In part, this information repeated information about early camera prototypes. At the same time, the source clarified that the Canon EOS R5 Mark II will have the ability to record 8K video at 60 fps or up to 120 fps when connecting an additional monitor-recorder via the HDMI port.

The new product may receive an improved cooling radiator, which will avoid overheating during prolonged work with high loads (for example, shooting 8K in RAW).