DJI and Hasselblad will release their own mirrorless camera

DJI and Hasselblad will release their own mirrorless camera

According to TheNewCamera , DJI could directly compete with Sony, Nikon, and Canon in the mirrorless market with its own DL-mount system that will include full-frame and crop cameras. If everything goes according to schedule, then the appearance of the model range can be expected already in the I-II quarter of next year.

Recall that in January 2017, DJI acquired Hasselblad, buying a controlling stake in the legendary Swedish photography brand. Since then, DJI drone cameras have been co-developed and are now branded ‘Hasselblad’.

We believe that the Chinese are quite ready to release their system of mirrorless cameras. They have long offered the market their solution of a hybrid (photo / video) product – Osmo Pocket. And the processes of photo and video shooting have long been honed by DJI on its drones. Ronin Cinema’s sophisticated camera allowed it to enter the filmmaking market, and on an equal footing with other players. 

The purchase of Hasselblad opened DJI not only access to technology, but also allowed the use of an authoritative photo brand on its joint products, that is, it became an important image and marketing acquisition. So we are waiting for DJI Hasselblad mirrorless cameras, it will definitely be interesting!

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