Fujifilm has introduced the fast GF 55mm F1.7R WR prime lens

Fujifilm introduced the GF 55mm F1.7R WR lens
Fujifilm introduced the GF 55mm F1.7R WR lens

Fujifilm has introduced the fast prime lens GF 55mm F1.7R WR Since this is a lens for medium format GF cameras, the full-frame equivalent focal length is 43mm. The main feature is the F1.3 aperture – together with the previously presented GF 80mm F1.7 lens, they are one of the brightest lenses for medium format. The price of the new item is $2299.

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GF 55mm F1.7R WR

The optical design of the GF55mm F1.7R WR consists of 14 elements in 10 groups, including 2 aspherical elements and 2 ED; Fujifilm says this minimizes axial and spherical chromatic aberration. Electronic filling based on GMR magnetic resistance technology is responsible for focusing accuracy. The lens offers a minimum focusing distance of 50cm, is approximately 10cm long and weighs 790g.

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Optical design GF 55mm F1.7R WR

Lovers of beautiful bokeh will be pleased by the fact that 11 aperture blades create almost perfectly round highlights even at F4 or F5.6. The company also promises sharpness across the entire frame, including at open apertures. For plein air shooting, the body has a design that is resistant to weathering and low temperatures.

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GF 55mm F1.7R WR

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GF 55mm F1.7R WR on a Fujifilm camera

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