Fujifilm unveils the Instax SQUARE SQ40 Instant Camera

Fujifilm Instax SQ40 Instant Camera and New Sunset Film
Fujifilm Instax SQ40 Instant Camera and New Sunset Film

Expanding its line of instant cameras, Fujifilm introduced the Instax SQUARE SQ40 , based on the Mini 40 but shooting on larger film.

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Instax SQUARE SQ40

Instax SQUARE SQ40

The camera is quite large – dimensions 13 x h11 x 5.7 cm and is equipped with a retractable lens. It’s certainly not as portable as a smartphone in your pocket, but phones can’t yet produce instant prints. The SQ40 comes with a shoulder strap with quick release fasteners.

The Instax Square SQ40 has an auto exposure function to detect ambient light and set the shutter speed and flash output according to the surroundings. In low light situations, Fujifilm suggests holding the SQ40 still for a while and using a slow shutter speed.

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The lens has three modes, which are switched physically. When the lens is in the off position, it retracts fully into the body and the front shutter closes automatically to protect the lens. In the on position, the lens extends, the lens cover opens automatically, and the camera is ready for normal shooting. In Selfie mode, the lens extends and the device is used to take macro shots or selfies. There is a small mirror on the front to help compose portraits.

The recommended shooting distance from the subject in normal mode is at least 0.5 meters. In the “Selfie” mode, it is suggested to hold the camera at a distance of 0.3 to 0.5 m from the subject. The effective range of the built-in flash is up to approximately 2.2 m.

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The SQ40 uses Fujifilm Instax Square film, which allows you to print images as large as 62 x 62mm. A 20-card film pack costs almost $19.

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Video presentation of Instax SQUARE SQ40

Other new Instax products

Along with the SQ40, Fujifilm announced the launch of a new  “Sunset” film featuring soft color gradients that the company says “reminiscent of a serene, quiet sunset.” It is also square format and compatible with SQ40:

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Instax Square Instant Film Sunset

In addition, Fujifilm released a tan version of the Mini Evo Hybrid Instant Camera :

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Instax Mini Evo Black

Video presentation of Mini Evo Brown

Prices and Availability

Instax Square SQ40 list price is $150; Instax Square Instant Film Sunset – $15.75 (10 pcs); Instax Mini Evo Brown – $200
It is expected that all three new items will go on sale at the end of this month.

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