HAWK65 Vintage 35mm T2.6 and 65mm T2.9 Anamorphic Lenses Announced

HAWK65 Vintage 35mm T2.6 and 65mm T2.9 Anamorphic Lenses Announced
HAWK65 Vintage 35mm T2.6 and 65mm T2.9 Anamorphic Lenses Announced

The line of professional anamorphic cinema optics HAWK65 Vintage’74 1.3x has been expanded with two new products: 35mm T2.6 and 65mm T2.9 Macro. Both lenses can cover large format sensors, and externally and ergonomically correspond to other optics of the series. These anamorphic cinema lenses are premium optics and are available for rent only.

With these two new additions, the HAWK65 Vintage ’74 line now includes a total of 11 anamorphic cinema lenses:

  • HAWK65’74 35mm T2.6 lens – minimum focusing distance 0.8m
  • HAWK65’74 40mm T2.6 Lens – 1m MDF
  • HAWK65’74 45mm T2.6 Lens – 1m MDF
  • HAWK65’74 50mm T2.6 Lens – MDF 0.8m
  • HAWK65’74 60mm T2.6 Lens – 1m MDF
  • HAWK65’74 65mm T2.9 Macro Lens – MDF 0.55m
  • HAWK65’74 70mm T2.6 Lens – 1m MDF
  • HAWK65’74 80mm T3.2 Lens – MDF 0.8m
  • HAWK65’74 95mm T3.2 Lens – 1m MDF
  • HAWK65’74 120mm T3.6 Lens – 1m MDF
  • HAWK65’74 150mm T3.6 Lens – 1m MDF

The HAWK65 Vintage ’74 series of lenses features a 1.3x anamorphic squeeze ratio while maintaining the same bokeh characteristics as classic 2x anamorphic lenses, the manufacturer claims, adding that this is possible thanks to HAWK’s patented aperture shaping system.

HAWK chose the 1.3x compression ratio for its ability to produce images in the popular 2:1 aspect ratio while using the camera’s 3:2 open shutter mode. At the same time, the Vintage’74 line is intended to bring the aesthetics of quality vintage glass.

Like other HAWK cinema lenses, the two new Vintage ’74 models are available for rental only. On its website, HAWK states that the HAWK65 Vintage ’74 35mm T2.6 lens will be available from October 2024.

Currently, the market is seeing a trend towards cheaper anamorphic cinema lenses, as well as the emergence of new ultra-budget segments of such optics. An active player is the Sirui company, which previously introduced two new lenses, the Sirui Saturn 50mm T2.9 x1.6 and Sirui Saturn 75mm T2.9 x1.6.

These new products are available in six bayonet mounts: E-mount, RF-mount, DL-mount (DJI), X-mount, Z-mount and L-mount. The optics are available in versions with blue or natural highlights.