Insta360 unveils AI Flow Electronic Stabilizer

Insta360 Flow is a stabilizer for smartphones with smart tracking

As we have noted more than once, shooting blogs on a smartphone is fashionable today, and modern smartphones are also simple and exciting. Here and 4K, and auto exposure, and auto focus, and auto sound level, and many other chips. Along with all these “autos”, Insta360 offers a Flow gimbal with auto-tracking, and the company does not hesitate to call this function the most advanced in the world. And all this for $160. If things go like this, soon some company will create an AI blogger who will entertain us with their videos. Or are there already?

As the introductory paragraph suggests, the main feature of the Flow gimbal is Insta360’s AI Deep Track 3.0 auto-tracking feature, which allows the smartphone to follow a blogger or a selected object. And only as a bonus is the 3-axis image stabilization function, which, according to the company, provides “super-smooth videos”. The set includes a built-in telescopic selfie stick, tripod and battery.

Telescopic selfie stick

The body has a smart wheel SmartWheel, which provides quick access to various functions such as shooting control and video playback. The company did not experiment with operating modes and offered 4 standard modes for electronic stabilizers – Auto, Follow, Pan Follow and FPV. Auto mode automatically adjusts the gimbal according to the user’s movements.

In addition to the stabilizer, there is the Insta360 application, which is also equipped with AI, it will help compose the shot and recommend shooting modes for each specific case, there are more than 80 templates. Yes, that same AI blogger is just around the corner. There are also standard modes such as panorama, time lapse, hyperlapse and Dolly Zoom.

Flow can act as a power bank for a smartphone

Flow is powered by a built-in 2900 mAh battery, while it is able to act as a power bank for a smartphone. Battery life is claimed up to 12 hours, charging time is 2 hours.

  • Compatible smartphone thickness: 6.9-10mm
  • Compatible Smartphone Width: 64-84mm
  • Compatible smartphone weight: 130g – 300g

What about the prices?

Insta360 Flow costs $159.99. Includes magnetic clip for smartphone, charging cable and protective case. The body of the stabilizer comes in white and gray, which are called Summit White and Stone Grey, respectively.

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