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iPhone 14 will get a 48MP sensor, and will the iPhone 15 have a periscope zoom lens?

iPhone 14 will get a 48MP sensor, and the iPhone 15 will have a periscope zoom lens?
iPhone 14 will get a 48MP sensor, and the iPhone 15 will have a periscope zoom lens?

Blogger Ming-Chi Kuo, well-known among Apple users, shared some information about the new iPhone 14 and even its successor in 2023.

Ming-Chi Kuo announces a new 48MP sensor in the iPhone 2H22 and a periscope zoom lens in the new iPhone 2H23. He says that “continuing to upgrade the iPhone’s camera over the next two years will help increase market share, revenue and profit . 

This is not the first time Kuo has reported an increase in sensor resolution on the iPhone 14. Back in the spring, he wrote that “the standard rear cameras on the iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max will be upgraded to 48MP, which is 4 times more than the 12- megapixel sensor in the iPhone 12.

Also last week, another blogger, Jeff Poo, echoed Kuo, stating that “two [iPhone 14] Pro models will feature a triple-lens system: an improved wide-angle lens and 48MP sensor, as well as 12MP ultra-wide-angle and telephoto sensors.” …

Apple has consistently ignored the high-resolution competition, favoring larger pixels for the best low-light performance, considering quality over quantity.

We believe that the American giant will use one of the new sensors from Sony, the resolution of which will allow recording 8K video.

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