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Laowa Argus T1 cine lenses launched – The fastest for full frame cameras

Laowa Argus T1
Laowa Argus T1

Venus Optics presented a new line of cine optics: Laowa Argus T1 Cine. It includes eight lenses for three different formats – full frame, Super 35 and M4/3. The manufacturer made a statement that this is the world’s first series of lenses for full-frame cameras with T1 aperture and focal lengths of 28 and 35mm. The only modern competitor is the Mitakon Speedmaster 50mm T1.0, released back in 2021.

The entire Laowa Argus T1 Cine line is divided into three categories.

Cine lenses for full-frame Canon RF, Sony E and Nikon Z cameras

  • Laowa Argus 28mm T1
  • Laowa Argus 35mm T1
  • Laowa Argus 45mm T1

Full list of specifications for full-frame lenses in the new series:

Cine lenses for Super 35 Canon RF, Sony E, Nikon Z and Fujifilm X-mount cameras

  • Laowa Argus 18mm T1
    • Laowa Argus 25mm T1
  • Laowa Argus 33mm T1

Cinema lenses for M4/3

  • Laowa Argus 18mm T1
  • Laowa Argus 25mm T1

The company says the Laowa Argus T1 Cine series of cine optics has been carefully designed to ensure quality optical performance. The manufacturer explains that the new lenses minimize chromatic aberration, providing contrast and sharpness even when shooting at an open T1 aperture. Color rendition is the same for all lenses in the new line.

At the same time, the lenses have minimal focusing “breathing” effect. The minimum focusing distance is 0.2 meters.

Main features of Laowa Argus T1 Cine lenses :

  • High aperture ratio
  • Shallow depth of field and dramatic bokeh effect
  • Low-light shooting possible
  • Sharpness and contrast at T1 wide open
  • Low concentration breathing
  • Close focusing distance up to 0.2m
  • Stable color rendering and quality
  • Available in full frame, S35 and M4/3

Each focal length in the Argus T1 Cine series is said to deliver consistent color reproduction and performance. At the same time, the lenses are equipped with gears with a pitch of 0.8 on the aperture and focus rings, a thread for a 77 mm filter and a front diameter of 80 mm.

The Laowa Argus T1 Cine Series is currently available for purchase from the Venus Optics official website and authorized resellers.

The Laowa Argus T1 Cine series costs $1,499 per lens and $3,999 or a set of three lenses in full-frame format.

In Super35 format, each lens costs $899 (3-lens set: $2,399), and in MFT format, each lens costs $699 (2-lens set: $1,259).

The last big announcement of the Laowa brand took place at the end of May 2024. Two cine lenses were released: the Laowa OOOM 14-60mm T2.9 for the M4/3 system. And also Laowa OOOM 20-85mm T4 for the Super 35 system. And at the beginning of May, Laowa lenses for drones and Hasselblad cameras were announced. All lenses have an ultra-wide viewing angle, and some of them have a high aperture and shift system.

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