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Leica SL3 camera details revealed

Leica SL3
Leica SL3

At the end of March, Leica is preparing to release a new mirrorless camera, the Leica SL3. The Leica camera is expected to be announced on March 7, 2024. The new Leica SL3 camera will cost 8,000 euros, one of the sources said.

Leica SL3

Leica SL3

The new camera has probably already passed the official registration procedure. Previously, a new card was published (it was assigned the number Type 5404 (2023AJ18816):

At the moment, the technical characteristics of the future new product – Leica SL3 (unofficial information) have been revealed. The camera will have a 60 megapixel matrix (it is also installed in the Leica M11 and Leica Q3 models). In this case, the camera will be equipped with a matrix image stabilization system (IBIS). Its efficiency will be 6.5 exposure stops, which is quite a high figure.

Autofocus system – based on phase detection. The camera will be able to take burst shots at 9 frames per second. And video can be shot in resolution 8K 30 fps and 4K 60 fps (in both cases – in crop mode). An option without crop will also be available – C4K 30fps.

The Leica SL3 will have a new body, smaller in size than the Leica SL2. Its weight will be 840 grams.

The camera is already being tested by the company’s ambassadors, the source reports. Additional specifications as well as images of the Leica SL3 will be published at a later date.

At the end of October 2023, the Leica M11-P was announced , the world’s first camera with encrypted metadata. Leica M11-P received the function of adding encrypted metadata to images (CAI – standard of authenticity). The camera calls this feature “Leica Content Credentials”. It provides the ability to recognize information about the origin of an image and gives images a digital signature backed by a digital certificate.

The technology itself, which is used in this function, relies on special equipment for storing digital certificates. The system allows you to prove the origin of an image to protect digital content. You can add the camera model, manufacturer, as well as information about the image taken to the list of metadata – this data cannot be changed later.

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