New details about the Viltrox 27mm F/1.2 lens for Fujifilm
New details about the Viltrox 27mm F/1.2 lens for Fujifilm
New details about the Viltrox 27mm F/1.2 lens for Fujifilm

New details about the Viltrox 27mm F/1.2 lens for Fujifilm

Viltrox is preparing to announce a new lens for APS-C cameras – Viltrox 27mm F/1.2 AF. As the date of the announcement approaches, details about the new product, which will receive support for the autofocus system, become known. The lens is expected to be released for both Sony E cameras and Fujifilm X and Nikon Z cameras.

The minimum focusing distance of the new Viltrox 27mm F/1.2 AF lens is 28cm.

  • Minimum focusing distance – 0.28 m
  • STM autofocus motor
  • Lens weight 560 grams
  • Filter Diameter: 67mm
  • 40mm focal length equivalent
  • The optical design consists of 15 elements in 11 groups
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It is also noted that the Viltrox 27mm F / 1.2 AF lens is completely made of metal. It is protected from dust and moisture, and also has a coating against water. The lens hood is plastic.

Some foreign bloggers report details about the future novelty. It is reported to have received excellent build quality and goes well with the Fujifilm X-H2 camera.


The optics also has a port in the housing for updating the firmware. The focus ring is quite large, the source clarifies. The ring itself is smooth and has slightly more resistance than on Fujinon lenses. At F/1.2, the new optics show excellent sharpness and no chromatic aberrations.

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At F/2.0, there is a slight increase in contrast. The greatest sharpness is achieved at F / 5.6, and diffraction – at F / 8. At the same time, the optics are able to effectively resolve 40 megapixel sensors.

The Viltrox 27mm F/1.2 AF reportedly delivers exceptional bokeh and has an 11 blade aperture. At the same time, the autofocus system, judging by the message of bloggers, turned out in terms of performance – at the level of Fujinon branded lenses. At the same time, the system itself works silently.

At the same time, even with backlight, the lens produces a good picture and sharpness comparable to the Viltrox 75mm F / 1.2 PRO lens. The announcement of the Viltrox 27mm F/1.2 AF lens is expected in mid-August. Perhaps the deliveries will start at the same time.

Earlier it was reported that the Voigtlander Nokton 50mm F / 1.2 lens  for Fujifilm was introduced. The optical scheme of the lens is specially optimized for APS-C Fujifilm sensors and allows you to get a focal length of 75mm.

The new lens has electronic contacts that communicate with Fujifilm cameras, transmit EXIF ​​information, focus data, and other information needed for image correction.