New information about the flagship camera Canon EOS R1
New information about the flagship camera Canon EOS R1
New information about the flagship camera Canon EOS R1

New information about the flagship camera Canon EOS R1

As previously reported , the Canon EOS R1 will be Canon’s flagship mirrorless camera and will replace the Canon EOS-1D X Mark III DSLR . It is reported that the manufacturer has put a lot of effort into the development of a new camera that will surpass other Canon models.

So, what’s new about the Canon EOS R1. First, the camera is expected to have a larger body compared to the Canon EOS R3 . There will be a much larger OLED display on the back of the camera. According to one source, ” there is no camera on the market with a screen as big as the EOS R1 . ” Perhaps we will see a screen of about 4 inches.

The camera will have a resolution of approximately 45 megapixels, which Canon says is optimal for professional use.

When shooting sports events, the speed of transferring images from the camera to the editor and further publication on the Internet or in print is important. Although some sources mention an 80-megapixel sensor, most likely it will be used in the Canon EOS R5 II camera , and the flagship reportage camera will still have a lower resolution matrix.

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The Canon EOS R1 electronic viewfinder will have the “highest resolution”. According to the source, Canon is developing its own electronic viewfinder with “extremely high refresh rates” and no visible blackout.

Regarding the use of the global shutter in the Canon EOS R1, the opinions of the sources differ. Some foreign media claim that it will be present in the Canon EOS R1, others say otherwise. We currently do not have reliable information on this issue. Either way, the global shutter could be an important improvement for a flagship-level mirrorless camera.

The Canon EOS R1 will use a variation of the LP-E19 battery as its power source . The camera will also get two CFexpress memory card slots . Also, the SD memory card slot, which was removed from the EOS R3 , will likely also be missing from the EOS R1.

The Canon EOS R1 promises to introduce a more ergonomic design in the style of the EOS-1D . Canon attaches great importance to reducing the weight of cameras and lenses, so improvements can be expected.

The EOS R1’s top display will be color and fully customizable, allowing you to choose what information is displayed and how it looks. This will be a significant improvement over the monochrome top displays of previous models.

Canon is promising a brand new autofocus system for the Canon EOS R1. Perhaps it will be QPAF ( Quad Pixel Auto focus ), about which there was already a lot of information and there were real patents. This could be the logical next step in Canon’s autofocus technology.

At the moment, we have no information about the video shooting capabilities of the Canon EOS R1, and most sources do not disclose these details. However, it is reported that the filming functions and software will be developed by the Cinema EOS team.

The announcement of the Canon EOS R1 is expected to take place in several stages, starting with the announcement of development, and then providing the camera to professionals for testing and making final changes to the firmware before the official release. The camera is expected to be on the market by next July 2024, possibly before the Paris Olympics.

It’s also worth mentioning that Sony is supposedly releasing the A1 II around the same time as the Canon EOS R1.

Let me also remind you that a new model of a mirrorless camera is expected to be released this year , which will be a logical development of the Canon EOS R5 camera. It is expected that this will happen at the end of 2023 – in the fourth quarter.