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NIKKOR 600mm F6.3 VR S super telephoto lens unveiled

NIKKOR 600mm F6.3 VR S super telephoto lens
NIKKOR 600mm F6.3 VR S super telephoto lens

Nikon has unveiled a new super-telephoto prime lens, the NIKKOR 600mm f/6.3 VR S , which it says is the lightest 600mm prime lens in its class and allows Nikon Z photographers to shoot handheld at extreme distances.

The new lens has an overall length of 287mm and weighs 1390g, making it the lightest 600mm super telephoto lens of any system. This is a combination of focal length and aperture ratio that Nikon has never produced before, and the company assures that the compactness and light weight have not affected image quality.

Nikon says the lens’ center of gravity is positioned closer to the camera to provide better balance, which coupled with its relatively light weight makes the kit ideal for panning in situations that require control and stability, such as car racing or shooting fast-moving subjects such as birds in flight.

The optics use a Phase Fresnel (PF) lens, which Nikon explains makes the lens significantly more compact, and combined with its improved autofocus and vibration reduction performance (up to six stops when combined with a camera equipped with built-in stabilization), this should allow photographers to take clear photos of fast-moving objects even at great distances.

The optical design of the lens consists of 21 elements distributed in 14 groups, and provides an aperture range from f/6.3 to f/32. The diaphragm is nine-bladed, round. Nikon claims that chromatic aberration is significantly reduced thanks to the aforementioned PF element combined with ED elements. The SR lens element is used to control short-wavelength light, allowing for highly accurate chromatic aberration compensation. And finally, the optics have a proprietary nanocrystalline coating, Nano Crystal Coat, to reduce ghosting and glare.

The AF motor is a stepping-type AF motor, which Nikon says allows for fast and quiet focusing. The lens is also compatible with Nikon 1.4x and 2.0x teleconverters, expanding the range to 840mm and 1200mm respectively.

The lens has four Fn2 buttons and one Fn button, which can be assigned to a variety of functions, including memory activation, which instantly recalls a saved focus position using the Memory Set button. The case received protective seals against dust and moisture.

The manufacturer isn’t forgetting about video and says its new super-telephoto lens is not only very quiet, but also provides stable exposure and includes focus breathing suppression.

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What about the prices?

The new Nikkor Z 600mm f/6.3 VR S will go on sale at the end of this month at a price of $4800.

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