Nikon Z6 III and Sony ZV-E10 II will go on sale in June

Nikon Z6 III and Sony ZV-E10 II will go on sale in June
Nikon Z6 III and Sony ZV-E10 II will go on sale in June

Nikon and Sony are preparing to release new mirrorless cameras. The appearance of the expected Nikon Z6 III and Sony ZV-E10 II models on the market, according to the source, will take place in June 2024. We are talking about delivery times, announcements will take place earlier. The characteristics of these cameras have already been partially disclosed, however, they have not yet been officially confirmed.

Nikon Z6 Mark III

The previously provided information on this camera was confirmed by one of the Chinese distributors, the source reports. Overall camera upgrades won’t be very significant, he said. However, it is worth making a reservation here about the meaning of the word “significant”. Foreign specialized media primarily imply the fact that the camera sensor will remain the same (as in the Nikon Z6 II model).

The available sensor range will be ISO 100–64,000. The matrix resolution is 24.5 megapixels.


However, a number of Nikon Z6 III features will be innovative for the company’s mirrorless cameras. For example, recording N-RAW video in 6K resolution (a similar function was previously only available on the flagship Nikon Z9). The color depth of this video will be 12 bits. This will provide enhanced color correction capabilities at the post-production stage.

The camera will also receive support for recording 4K video at a high frame rate of 120 fps. Thus, during editing, the video can be slowed down to achieve a pronounced SlowMotion effect.

For burst photography, the following is specified: continuous shooting in FX format (full frame) up to 40 frames per second, continuous shooting in DX format (APS-C crop factor) up to 120 frames per second. These are quite high figures, taking into account the preservation of automatic focusing efficiency. Autofocus itself can be improved and supplemented with artificial intelligence capabilities.

One of the sources reported that the new generation Nikon will receive an advanced Expeed 7 processor. Previously, it was installed only in the Nikon Z8 and Nikon Z9 models. This chip was released in 2021. It has a processing speed 10 times faster than the Expeed 6 (two of these chips are installed in the Nikon Z6 II).

Nikon Z6 III will have a new high-resolution viewfinder with a resolution of 5.76 million pixels. There will also be a slot for memory cards: CFexpress Type B, SD (UHS-II). It will be possible to record video in maximum quality on CFexpress cards.

The changes in the external design of the new generation camera body from Nikon are also interesting. It is reported that it will be close to the Nikon Z8 model. By the way, one of the sources even compared the dimensions of these two models:

However, the Nikon Z6 III will be slightly smaller than the Z8 model. Actually, the positioning of these cameras is different.

Another improvement is the ability to shoot photos in ultra-high resolution due to the matrix shift system (Pixel-Shift). The Nikon Zf camera previously received a similar function. It has not yet been clarified whether the stabilization system itself (IBIS), which plays a fairly large role when shooting video, will be fundamentally improved. So far, the detailed characteristics of this function have not been specified, but most likely, the total resolution when shooting in this mode will be 98 megapixels.

The price of Nikon Z6 III has not yet been disclosed.

Sony ZV-E10 II

A compact camera with a second-generation APS-C matrix may also go on sale in June of this year. The compact has already been registered. The Sony ZV-E10 II will be equipped with a matrix from the flagship APS-C camera Sony A6700. We are talking about a 26 megapixel Exmor R APS-C BSI CMOS sensor.

In general, this means that the camera will receive quite advanced capabilities, and if the price remains at the level of the first-generation model, the new product may become quite popular among novice photographers and camera operators.

The Sony ZV-E10 II specifications will feature a dedicated artificial intelligence processor . Most likely, it will be aimed at improving automatic focusing performance. Real-time autofocus (for photos and videos) has 759 phase detection points and frame coverage of 93%.

The video recording capabilities of the new camera will be as follows: UHD 4K 120p/FHD 240p/10 bit 4:2:2. These are quite good characteristics for an amateur camera. Moreover, it will be possible to shoot in popular modes: S-Log3, S-Gamut3, S-Cinetone and load custom LUTs.

The Sony ZV-E10 II camera will support burst photography at speeds of up to 11 frames per second. The available light sensitivity range will be ISO 100–32,000, according to one of the sources.

The camera will also be equipped with a 3-inch touchscreen rotating LCD display with a resolution of 1.03 m. The price of the future new product has also not yet been disclosed.