Nikon Z6 III: The most advanced video camera in 2024

Nikon Z6 III
Nikon Z6 III

Nikon is preparing to introduce the third generation of full-frame mirrorless cameras. The first new product in the series will be the “basic” model – Nikon Z6 Mark III, which, however, in its characteristics will be an advanced camera for shooting video. Attention to Nikon’s upcoming announcement is also focused due to the recently completed deal to purchase the American company RED, a manufacturer of cinema cameras and the patent holder of digital uncompressed video in the REDCODE RAW (16-bit) codec.

The Nikon Z6 III model will receive a number of significant innovations. Various sources talk about this (not officially), meaning, of course, the possibility of shooting video. Firstly, the camera will have the function of recording video in the NRAW codec with a color depth of 12-bit .

It is clarified that we are talking about recording from the entire area of ​​the full-frame matrix. This is an extremely important update – previously only the flagship Nikon Z9 had this opportunity. Because of this functionality, a large-scale trial with the RED company was planned.

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Recording video in NRAW with a high color depth will provide virtually the functionality of a cinema camera in the body of a mirrorless camera. At the same time, Nikon Z6 Mark III will be the first affordable full-frame mirrorless camera with support for recording 12-bit video directly to a memory card .

If there is no overheating when recording in a similar mode in ultra-high resolution (as was the case with the Canon EOS R5), the new model from Nikon will be the first camera in which the functionality of recording video in a professional RAW codec will not be nominal, but will provide truly broad capabilities for shooting. In particular, it will be possible to do deep video grading.

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In what resolution will it be possible to write NRAW on Nikon Z6 III? A pleasant surprise is also expected here. The source reports that we are talking about 6K video (6048×4032). The camera will receive a full-frame 24.5 megapixel BSI CMOS sensor, as well as an EXPEED 7 processor.

Thus, we get the maximum combination: 6K resolution, NRAW codec (12 bit), recording from the entire area of ​​the full-frame sensor (without crop), 24/30 frames per second with support for advanced hybrid autofocus. These are very good characteristics for shooting video, surpassing the capabilities of virtually all cameras in the price segment. However, the real result can only be judged after detailed camera tests, since the formal presence of recording in an uncompressed codec does not mean a significant improvement in video quality.

The source also clarifies that the Nikon Z6 III camera will be able to record FullHD video at a frame rate of 240 fps. However, in this mode, the color depth will be 8 bits, and the sensor area will be limited, that is, shooting will be carried out with a crop factor. What exactly is not yet specified.

The camera will receive HDMI A ports (version 2.1), as well as ultra-fast USB-C 3.0. Separately, the source clarifies that the Nikon Z6 III will have a number of new features that are not found in other Nikon cameras. For example, the ability to update firmware online.

Another interesting detail: the continuous shooting speed will be 14 frames per second (mechanical shutter), 20 frames per second (electronic shutter) – in RAW format. Previously, a source reported that the camera may not have a mechanical shutter. The Nikon Z6 II also had a mechanical shutter, but the flagship Z9 does not.

Separately, the increased performance of matrix stabilization (IBIS) in the Nikon Z6 Mark III camera is noted. Also, most likely, the camera will receive an improved autofocus system. It will probably be supplemented by artificial intelligence systems.

The new product will receive the Pixel Shift system – that is, a shooting mode with increased resolution (combining several frames into one).

The camera will have two slots for memory cards: CFexpress B, SD UHS-II. High bitrate video (NRAW 6K) will be recorded to CFexpress B memory cards.

Nikon Z6 III will compete with cameras: Sony A7S III, which has the highest light sensitivity, but cannot write RAW video to a memory card. Canon EOS R6 Mark II, which also does not support RAW video to a memory card (however, you can output 6K ProRes RAW via the HDMI port with very high shadow noise). Panasonic Lumix S5 Mark II, which costs less than the previous two cameras, but has the same disadvantage compared to a potential new product from Nikon.

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Some sources reported that the Nikon Z6 III functionality may contain innovations related to the deal between Nikon and RED. However, there are no specific clarifications on this topic yet. The source reported that the collaboration between Nikon and RED could lead to significant changes in the companies’ future product range. For example, a movie camera from an American manufacturer will appear with a Z-mount bayonet mount (for Nikon branded optics), while RED is now releasing a new generation of movie cameras with a Canon RF mount (for Canon optics).


The announcement of the Nikon Z6 III camera is expected in April/May 2024. In particular, some details may be revealed at the NAB Show, which will be held in Las Vegas from April 13 to 17 this year.

The announcement of the most versatile lens in Nikon history is also expected – Nikkor Z 28-400mm F/3.5-6.3 . The source reports that in this case there may be an error in the maximum aperture in the wide-angle and/or telephoto positions. The adjustment can be half a stop, either positive or negative – that is, the final release can demonstrate either a larger or smaller aperture range.

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