NiSi releases Cinema C5 Matte Box Cinema Kit

NiSi Cinema C5 Matte Box Cinema Kit

NiSi has released a Cinema C5 Matte Box Cinema Kit for shooting video , which includes a lens hood, or, as such products are also called, a compendium, two compartments for 4 x 4-inch and 4 x 4.65-inch filters, adapter rings for installing a lens hood for lenses with a diameter of 67, 72, 77 and 82 mm and in addition to everything, one True Color VND 1-5 Stops filter and one variable PL filter. The NiSi Cinema C5 Matte Box Cinema Kit costs $700.

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NiSi Cinema C5 Matte Box Cinema Kit

The lens hood uses aluminum, composite plastic and carbon fiber, weight of the device is 350 g. The hood is attached to adapter rings or a 95 mm cinema lens with a clamp. Due to the lens hood depth of 26.5 mm, the filter is placed close to the lens, thus blocking unwanted glare. The design can be used with wide-angle optics with a focal length of about 15 mm. A carbon fiber visor is provided for use in bright sun and other bright light conditions.

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Adapter rings for 67, 72, 77 and 82mm lenses

The True Color VND1-5 Variable Density Filter is designed specifically for the C5 lens hood, the density is adjusted by turning a special gear, so this action can be controlled remotely.

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Kit bag

Kit contents

  • Hood C5
  • Filter compartment 4″ x 4″
  • Filter compartment 4 x 4.65 inches
  • Adapter ring NiSi Cinema 67 mm
  • Adapter ring NiSi Cinema 72 mm
  • Adapter ring NiSi Cinema 77 mm
  • Adapter ring NiSi Cinema 82 mm
  • True Color Filter VND1-5
  • Rotating True Color PL Filter
  • Bag for storage and transportation

What about the prices?

The NiSi Cinema C5 Matte Box Cinema Kit costs $700.


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