Pixii Max Full-Frame Camera with Leica M-mount Unveiled

Pixii Max
Pixii Max

French startup Pixii has released a new digital rangefinder camera with a full-frame 24.5 megapixel sensor — Pixii Max. The camera has a rangefinder optical viewfinder compatible with professional Leica M-mount lenses and a built-in monochrome shooting function. The camera is available with 32 GB or 128 GB of memory. Pixii Max is sold at prices of 3999 and 4249 euros.

The camera is compact and stylish – and is available in black and gray. At the same time, the manufacturer reports that it is equipped with a new full-frame sensor with a resolution of 24.5 megapixels, which provides outstanding image quality. Separately, the wide dynamic range is emphasized, which surpasses previous cameras of the Pixii company.

The optical viewfinder (OVF) features high-index glass and fully multi-layered anti-reflective surfaces. The new design features frame lines for 35mm lenses, while also providing a wide field of view out to 28mm. While not specified in the company’s press release as a true rangefinder, the optics are expected to be linked to the OVF, and Pixii rangefinders have previously featured the “align to focus” style expected of true rangefinders.

To this end, the Max features real-time controls and indicators inside the optical viewfinder, as well as indicators on the right side.

The Pixii Max operating system is built on a modern 64-bit platform, which the company says provides exceptional performance, as well as wireless connectivity and software updates.

The camera also features what Pixii calls “natural monochrome.” Pixii claims that the exclusive feature allows you to shoot black and white digital negatives using the Bayer sensor, resulting in natural monochrome files.

The Pixii Max is available in black or space gray in two variants: 32GB of internal storage or 128GB for €3,999 and €4,249 respectively. Pre-orders for the camera will open on July 5, and an expected delivery date has not yet been revealed.

Along with this announcement, Pixii will continue to produce its APS-C rangefinder camera. Both cameras will be available and receive the necessary updates to meet the needs of different photographers.

It was previously reported that the Leica M12 camera is already in development. A separate point concerns the viewfinder in the Leica M12 model. It will be either a new hybrid viewfinder (similar technology is used in the Fujifilm X100VI) or a fully electronic viewfinder. There is no exact information on this matter yet. Probably, the manufacturer is testing prototypes with several options.

The Leica M12 camera will get a large 3.9-inch display. To put it into perspective: the Leica M11 model has a 2.95-inch screen. At the same time, the source reports that the increase in the display diagonal probably means that there will be fewer buttons on the back panel. And the screen itself will be touch-sensitive (similar to the Leica TL camera models, which are no longer produced).