Polaroid I-2 is an impressive high-end instant camera

Polaroid I-2
Polaroid I-2

The legendary instant camera company Polaroid recently announced the arrival on the market of a high-end model equipped with the sharpest Polaroid lens in its history, we are talking about the new Polaroid I-2 . As if that were not enough, this camera also boasts manual controls, a premium design, and LiDAR autofocus.

Polaroid I-2, to master instant photography

At the heart of the Polaroid I-2 lies a 3-lens system capable of continuous autofocus . It is supported by a lens with a LiDAR sensor , which accurately measures the distance to the subject, adjusting the lens automatically and precisely. The benefits come in the form of a longer focusing distance, which is reliable in both bright and low light conditions. In terms of aperture, it handles settings ranging from f8 to f64 .

What distinguishes the Polaroid I-2 from other cameras from the company is that it is the first of its kind with manual controls. It is possible to control everything from the shutter speed to the aperture; There are even 6 shooting modes selectable directly from the camera. These modes are: automatic, aperture priority, shutter priority, manual, self-timer and multiple exposure.

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Likewise, the camera consists of a large, traditional viewfinder, which also communicates settings through an integrated OLED screen . It is worth mentioning that it can be controlled remotely using the Polaroid mobile application for iOS and Android.

When it comes to film compatibility, the Polaroid I-2 accepts i-Type, 600, and SX-70 . As an incentive, it has a lens thread mount for 49mm filters.

In terms of design, the Polaroid I-2 is also an exceptional camera. In this sense, it exhibits a look reminiscent of the iconic Polaroids of the past, but modernized. The body is manufactured from high quality ABS and PMMA plastic . In case anyone is wondering, this camera has a standard 1/4-20 UNC thread for mounting on a tripod.

Availability and price

The Polaroid I-2 instant camera is already available at retailers worldwide for €699.

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