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Polaroid Mandalorian Edition – Now i-Type Instant Camera

polaroid the mandalorian tall B

Find, immortalize and hold the magic of your galaxy forever with the new Mandalorian version of the Polaroid Now camera and the corresponding limited edition instant print movies.

Polaroid Mandalorian Edition

The Polaroid Now i-Type instant print camera now comes in The Mandalorian Edition to help you capture the magic of your galaxy. Inspired by the famous beskar steel of the planet Mandalore, this special edition is made for moment hunters.

techweekmag Polaroid Now i Type Instant Camera The Mandalorian Edition

Featuring autofocus, double exposure, a precision flash and self-timer, the new camera is the ultimate tool to keep the precious moments of your life alive forever.

For a complete experience, complete the camera with the corresponding film and teleport to The Mandalorian backdrop with the special Polaroid i-Type Color Instant Film – The Mandalorian ™ Edition.

Each film package contains eight color photographs and a collectible darkslide. The film collection has 12 film versions available, each inspired by the iconic scenes from the favorite Star Wars series. The film is compatible with Polaroid i-Type and 600 cameras.