Polaroid unveils its most creative camera ever: Polaroid Now +

New Polaroid Now Instant Camera
New Polaroid Now + Instant Camera

As you know, the pioneer of instant cameras was the Polaroid company , and its cameras were incredibly popular in the 80-90s, had many fans and fans. But with the advent of digital photography, they began to forget about Polaroid, the company began to have financial problems, as a result, it was repeatedly sold and bought.

Ten years ago, the idea of ​​simultaneous shooting and printing suddenly got a new life, albeit in the performance of completely different brands ( Fuji , Canon , Kodak etc.). This direction suddenly turned out to be in demand, and even showed steady growth against the background of a general decline in the photo market. This is not to say that the new owners of the Polaroid brand do nothing to restore their former glory and profit from it, they just do not do it as actively as competitors.

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And a few days ago, a fresh instant camera was introduced – Polaroid Now + , with new, even greater creative options for users: five filters, aperture priority selection, a tripod mode with smartphone control, and more.

From the press release:

Polaroid unveils its most creative camera ever: Polaroid Now +

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The analog instant camera opens up even more creative possibilities.

Meet your new experimental companion: Polaroid Now +. An analog instant camera that connects to your phone via Bluetooth® for even more creative possibilities. Connect through the Polaroid app to access new creative tools, or add five experimental filters to them. Fully analog, fully device driven to reimagine the capabilities of analog instant photography.

“This is a special time to work at Polaroid as we represent the brand and what it stands for. Central to these efforts is a return to design and great product development. I am in awe of Now +, the quality of the photos you can take, the new beautiful colors. In addition, we are adding optical filters to the box for the first time because our users like them, adding a field to experiment – with or without an app, ”said Oskar Smolokowski, chairman of the board of directors of Polaroid.

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Polaroid Now + offers more creative tools than any other camera; open the app to switch aperture, use double exposure, manual mode, etc. The updated app also includes two new features – Aperture Priority and Tripod Mode, tools that make the use of depth of field and slow shutter speed accessible to anyone.

Creativity does not stop there. Polaroid Now + comes with a set of 5 filters that attach to the camera lens. Saturate your photos with color, increase contrast, or add new effects with experimental filters such as starburst, red vignette, or orange, blue and yellow. The filter set comes with a carrying case.

Polaroid Now + is a step up from the 2020 Polaroid Now camera. The camera boasts features such as autofocus, dynamic flash and self-timer, and now there is also a tripod mount.

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“We developed Now + to help people develop their creativity. The Polaroid app has been completely redesigned with new modes and an optimized interface. We have integrated a light sensor to improve the effectiveness of the filters supplied with the camera. Added a new color version of the camera: Version Bed and lue Grey – calm and mature – the most elegant Polaroid camera today “, – he said of Ignacio Germade , chief designer.

Polaroid Now + is Polaroid’s second launch this year, following the international launch of Polaroid Go camera and film in April. The Now + is the brand’s most creative camera to date, and proudly lives up to Polaroid’s mission of providing the most inspiring tools for creators around the world.

Polaroid Now + is available in three body colors: Black, White, Blue Gray:

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The camera is priced at $ 150, and the Polaroid Now + kit with three i-Type Film cassettes (2 color and 1 b / w) is offered for $ 195.

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