Portkeys PT5: 5 inch on-camera monitor

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Portkeys released a light 5-inch-camera monitor Portkeys PT5 . The monitor is equipped with HDMI I / O and supports resolutions up to 4K DCI at 24p or 4K UHD at up to 30p. The maximum brightness is 500 nits, and all the necessary monitoring tools are in place. The monitor costs only $ 169.

The Chinese manufacturer Portkeys is known for its monitors, for example, not so long ago we wrote in the news about the on-camera monitor with a touchscreen PortKeys LH5P , which allows you to control various cameras using a cable, as well as about the LH5H model . New Portkeys PT5 is an inexpensive 5 “monitor suitable for small studios and beginners.

The Portkeys PT5 is a 5 ” monitor with one HDMI input and one output, HDMI pass-through supports up to 4K DCI @ 24p, 4K UHD up to 30p, FullHD up to 60p. The HDMI ports are located on the left side of the monitor and are designed in a design style. There is a 3.5mm headphone jack next to the ports.

The 5-inch display itself has a FullHD resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels and a maximum brightness of 500 nits. The display is touch-sensitive, according to modern trends, it uses the WLED backlight technology, the panel has a contrast ratio of 1000: 1.

Case and fan

The Portkeys PT5 monitor case is made of plastic, so the monitor weighs only 130g and measures 136 x 72 x 17mm. For cooling, it is equipped with a built-in fan that can work in automatic mode, you can also manually adjust the speed: low / medium / high. The manufacturer does not say anything about the level of noise generated.

Rear Panel of the Portkeys PT5 Monitor

Monitor Power Options

On the right side of the Portkeys PT5 there is an on / off button, a USB Type-A port for 5 V and an input for external power supply 7-24 V.

The monitor can be powered with a choice of Canon LP-E6 or Sony NP-F rechargeable batteries. It is also possible to use the 7-24V power input, which will allow it to be powered by a V-Lock / Gold Mount battery. You can power the PT5 through the USB 5V 1A I / O port, for example, from a power supply or power bank.

Monitoring tools

Portkeys PT5 provides various monitoring capabilities:

  • 3D LUT connection
  • RGB and luminance waveforms, histogram, false color and zebra
  • safe zones, guides, crosshairs, grids
  • Zoom, Peaking, Framing Guides, Grids, Aspect, Anamorphic Compression
  • audiometers
  • adjustment of sharpness, chromaticity, brightness, backlight, hue, color temperature.

Portkeys PT5 scope of delivery

Accessories included

Portkeys PT5 comes in a small case with a sun visor, one HDMI to HDMI (AA) cable, one HDMI to micro HDMI (AD) cable, and a cold shoe monitor mount. The presence of a case is a huge plus, I carry my two monitors with me on set in the boxes in which the monitors were sold. This is not the best solution at all, and the special case is very useful. But I do not use the complete HDMI cables, instead of them I get twisted ones, they are more convenient to work with.

What are the prices?

Portkeys PT5 is already available for $ 169.

What do you think?

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