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Powerful VSGO Mini Vacuum Cleaner for Camera and Lenses

Powerful VSGO Mini Vacuum Cleaner for Camera and Lenses
Powerful VSGO Mini Vacuum Cleaner for Camera and Lenses

There are quite a few so-called special vacuum cleaners for cameras on the market, but a month ago, the Chinese company Shanghai Jieyong Technology Co., Ltd. , specializing in various cleaning accessories under the VSGO brand , has introduced perhaps the most sophisticated device in this genre – a miniature vacuum cleaner with a very powerful and high-speed motor.

High dust suction power

The VSGO vacuum cleaner is equipped with a high-speed motor that supports the armature rotation speed up to 100,000 rpm, which provides suction / blowing speed up to 120 km / h. The suction force can reach up to 4.2 kPa, which can effectively remove dust and sand adhering to cameras and lenses.

Fan with CNC metal blades and high quality filter

The device is equipped with a CNC precision-carved all-metal blade fan, combined with a high-speed brushless motor to generate strong airflow. The special filter can filter out 99.97% of the dust in the intake air, avoiding secondary pollution during use.

Compactness and convenience

Thanks to its extremely compact body, it is comfortable to hold with one hand and takes up very little space when stored.

Multiple modes

The device has a button to turn on the suction / purge system with one touch. There are three different speed modes: mode 1 at 20m/s for clearing CMOS, mode 2 (29m/s) for cleaning the lens, and mode 3 (34.5m/s) for cleaning the camera and flash.

Large capacity battery

The built-in 1200mAh rechargeable battery can provide about 60 minutes of battery life in Mode 1.


The housing has a 36 lux LED backlight to help you monitor cleaning performance in low light conditions.

What about the prices?

The VSGO vacuum cleaner is already on sale on the Pergear website and other online marketplaces, the price is $119.

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