Rumor: Global firmware update for Sony a1 coming soon

Will there be a global firmware update for Sony a1 coming soon?
Will there be a global firmware update for Sony a1 coming soon?

According to blogger Andrea Pizzini, a firmware update for Sony a1 will be released soon . Since the presentation of the camera three years ago, not very significant updates have been made, and the latest version 1.36 added only a general improvement in stability.

According to rumors:

  • The firmware should be released in February.
  • The firmware will bring many new interesting features, much more than expected!
  • One of the new features will be “XAVC HI SQ 8K/30p” recording like the $25,000 Burano CineAlta camera!
  • Support for Monitor and Control application
  • 8K ProResRAW over HDMI for the latest Atomos devices.

What can Sony α1 users expect?

  • One user asked if Sony could fix breathing compensation and improve workflow features, especially in video shooting.
  • Another significant problem for the user was the lack of autofocus on the eyes of animals when shooting video in 4K.
  • Other users have reported that there is no easy way to use the focus stack in Sony α1 or how to use BULB mode?

Most likely, the new firmware will be presented at the  CP+ 2024 exhibition along with other Sony releases.

If you look at the Nikon Z 9 or even the Canon EOS R3, all of these cameras regularly receive major updates that take the overall performance of the cameras to the next level. But the Sony team, unfortunately, has remained silent since the presentation of the α1, so if the rumors are true, things will change, and users will receive good news about a major firmware update.