Sales of the Samyang V-AF 100mm T2.3 Sony FE lens have begun

Samyang V-AF 100mm T2.3 Sony FE lens
Samyang V-AF 100mm T2.3 Sony FE lens

Sales of a new Samyang V-AF 100mm T2.3 Sony FE cinema lens with support for the autofocus system for Sony cameras have begun. The optics are already available at a price of $600. Sales are expected to begin at other major official retailers later. One of the advantages of official sales of lenses is the availability of a guarantee in case of breakdown or some other problems.

The Samyang V-AF 100mm T2.3 turned out to be compact, lightweight – and it allows you to shoot without distortion and with the correct perspective, the manufacturer reported during the announcement of the new product. Its main task is to provide a high-quality portrait shot with expressive background blur.

It is separately noted that the optical design of this line of cinema lenses supports resolutions up to 8K. Stable and uniform color rendition is declared when installing any of the Samyang V-AF lenses, including the new Samyang V-AF 100mm T2.3.

The portrait telephoto lens turned out to be longer than other lenses in this line from Samyang. However, its weight is kept at 280 grams, which makes it convenient when working with stabilization systems or when installing on drones – because . The maximum aperture will provide the ability to work in low light conditions.

Key features of the new Samyang V-AF 100mm T2.3 cine lens :

  • Smooth and accurate autofocus
  • Up to 8K resolution with stable color reproduction
  • Bright T2.3 aperture for clear images in low light and shallow depth of field
  • Light weight (280 g) and unified form factor
  • Indicator lamp (red) for easy monitoring of shooting status from the front and side of the lens
  • New focus ring design allows you to use Follow Focus without additional accessories
  • Front electronic contacts allow connection of special V-AF accessories

It was previously reported that the announcement of the new Sony FX film camera will take place in January-February 2024. Firstly, the company has already registered a new movie camera. The source reported that this model has a global shutter, as well as support for 4K 120 fps recording, and a dynamic range of 15 steps.

The camera’s light sensitivity parameters were also specified. The device will receive an increased base ISO – up to 2000 (lower limit), and a second base value of ISO 6400. These parameters correspond to the Sony F55 and Sony FX9 film camera models.