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Sigma fp L: 61 Megapixel full frame mirrorless camera

Sigma fp L 05

Sigma announced 61 Megapixel full frame mirrorless camera Sigma fp L mount lenses L. It is the same compact size as the model Sigma fp , but exhibits improved characteristics: Released matrix 61 Mn, a function of cropping Crop Zoom, the hybrid AF operation time and unlimited when powered via USB-C.

The Sigma fp L features a 61 effective megapixel Bayer sensor, a record for Sigma cameras, with a still image size of 9520 x 4080 pixels. The camera has a low-pass filter that reduces moiré to a minimum level. A fully electronic shutter is left in the camera, which can affect the rolling shutter effect, especially with such a significant matrix resolution, although this fact can only be learned from tests.

Sigma fp L hero

Sigma fp L full frame L-mount camera

Thanks to the high-resolution sensor, Sigma has incorporated Crop Zoom technology into the camera, which works for both stills and videos, allowing you to shoot videos in Full HD resolution even at maximum 5x magnification. Sigma says the 5x zoom is done by cropping without digital enhancement, so there is no loss in image quality.

Sigma fp L 02

Sigma fp L L-mount camera offers a minimum of control buttons

L-System cameras have generally been criticized by users for their lack of phase detection autofocus. The Sigma fp L features Contrast-Based Hybrid AF in combination with Image Plane Phase Detection AF. This tandem provides fast, smooth and accurate autofocusing for both stills and video, with subject tracking.

Sigma fp L 06

The top panel is also minimalist, the camera is truly compact

Sigma fp L supports charging via USB when the camera is on, so it can be used continuously while it is connected to a power source, it can be a 220V adapter or a power bank. Thanks to this feature, the Sigma fp L camera is convenient to use as a web camera, since it can receive the necessary power from a computer.

The camera allows you to save and share your custom settings as a QR code. This will be useful, for example, when renting equipment – scanning the QR code will instantly adjust the camera to yourself.

For video shooting, CinemaDNG 8-bit, 10-bit and 12-bit is offered, as well as MOV H.264 in both All-I and GOP. The camera allows you to shoot in 4K at up to 30 fps and in Full HD 1080p at up to 120 fps (with 1.67x auto zoom at both 100 fps and 120 fps). The camera can record up to 2 hours continuously on both SD cards and SSDs. Sigma promises that other frame rates for video will appear later with firmware updates, which frequencies will not be specified.

The camera has two new color presets that can be used for both photos and videos – Powder Blue and Duotone. Users now have 15 color profiles to choose from.

Sigma fp L 04

In addition to the Sigma fp L, the company has released the EVF-11 external electronic viewfinder

In addition to the camera, the company has released an EVF-11 external electronic viewfinder that can work in conjunction with the fp L, which is specially designed for this model. The viewfinder is equipped with a 0.5-inch OLED screen with a resolution of 3.68 million dots. The viewfinder can be tilted 90 °, it has audio monitoring capability and allows you to record video to an SSD via the USB-C port.

Sigma fp L 05

Sigma fp L camera with electronic viewfinder EVF-11

The EVF-11 viewfinder is powered by the camera and cannot charge the camera via USB. Not only will the Sigma fp L be used as a webcam for a long time, the viewfinder will have to be removed. The EVF-11 has a point of view of approximately 21mm, which helps to see the scene better, even with glasses. There is also a diopter adjustment from -4.0 to +3.0, there are two eyecups in the kit.

What are the prices?

The Sigma fp L is expected to be priced at $ 2,500, while the EVF-11 comes with a viewfinder for $ 3,000. The viewfinder can be purchased separately for $ 700. Both the camera and viewfinder are expected to ship in mid-April 2021.

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