Sirui Sniper F/1.2 lenses with autofocus officially introduced

Sirui Sniper F/1.2 lenses with autofocus officially introduced

Sirui introduced its first lenses with an automatic focusing system – Sirui Sniper F/1.2. The optics marketing campaign will begin on November 20th. During the project, the production of three lenses will be financed: 23mm, 33mm and 56mm, which have consistent optical characteristics, as well as common mechanics, which will allow the new line to be used for full-fledged filming.

A new line of optics – Sirui Sniper – will be produced for cameras with bayonet mounts: Sony E, Fujifilm X and Nikon Z. At the same time, the lenses are designed for cameras with APS-C format matrices.

Despite the similarity in design, the lenses in the line differ in weight: the Sirui Sniper 23mm F/1.2 weighs 380 grams, and the Sirui Sniper 56mm F/1.2 weighs 422 grams.

All lenses in the new line use a conventional 58mm front filter thread. Additionally, they all use 11 aperture blades to produce relatively round bokeh at any aperture. The focus ring rotates 360° for all three lenses.

Finally, all three lenses feature a USB-C port for future upgrades and are available in white, black, or silver with a carbon fiber finish.

SIRUI’s Sniper lens campaign launches on IndieGoGo on November 20th. The retail price of each lens is $349  In addition, a set of three items will cost $999.

Two more lenses in this line will be released in 2024. Which ones exactly have not yet been revealed.

Previously, the Sirui Jupiter 75mm T2.8 and 100mm T2.8 cine lenses were  announced  . Both lenses are designed for full-frame cameras and have serious macro capabilities: Sirui Jupiter 75mm T2.8 (with a magnification ratio of 1:1) and Sirui Jupiter 100mm T2.8 (with a magnification ratio of 1.5:1). The lenses are available for Canon EF and PL-mount and do not have electronic contacts. However, with the help of adapters, optics can be installed on any system. Minimum focusing distance – 0.29 m.

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