Some Nikon Z8 cameras are being recalled due to mount issues
Some Nikon Z8 cameras are being recalled due to mount issues
Some Nikon Z8 cameras are being recalled due to mount issues

Some Nikon Z8 cameras are being recalled due to mount issues

The new Nikon Z8 has proven to be quite a sought-after camera for photographers, adding to the company’s commercial success, which has so far eluded Nikon in the mirrorless era. However, some early adopters encountered an issue that prevented them from attaching the lens to the camera.

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On June 23, the company released recommendations for this camera in Japan, Europe and the United States. Nikon explains that it has identified a batch of Z 8 cameras that could potentially have mount issues.

“Users of the Z 8 camera have reported to us that in some cases the lens cannot be attached to the camera because the lens cannot be rotated to the locked position. After investigating this problem, it became clear that a similar problem could occur. We have identified a number of Z8 camera serial numbers that this may occur with and will resolve it as follows. Nikon will repair these Z 8 cameras free of charge to the customer, including shipping costs to and from Nikon to customers, even if the warranty has expired .” – Nikon.

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Nikon has created a dedicated Z 8 service advisory site where users can enter their camera’s serial number to see if the camera is part of an affected batch.

“If your Z 8 camera is one of the potentially problematic ones, instructions will be displayed on the screen to request service, including receiving a free shipping voucher. If your Z 8 camera is not affected, this will be displayed on the screen and you can continue to use your camera without worrying about this issue.” – Nikon

Nikon doesn’t say how many cameras it thinks are affected. However, Japanese user  @nankadaione  has determined that 6630 units with serial numbers from 2002516 to 2009146 are subject to recall.

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@nankadaione wrote about an issue on one assembly line, and that the affected serial numbers are not consecutive. The reader adds that most models on the European market seem to be affected.

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Nikon Z9 and Z8

“The Nikon Z 8 is described as a ‘paradigm-shifting camera’ and has almost the same features as Nikon’s flagship Z 9 camera. Aside from a smaller battery and slightly less weather protection, the Z 8 is the Z 9” , — wrote PetaPixel’s editor-in-chief last month.

It wasn’t expected that the Z 8 would inherit more than the Z 9’s amazing photo and video capabilities, but apparently the flagship’s shortcomings as well – in December last year, Nikon issued a maintenance advisory for the Z 9, noting that some The Z 9 cameras had problems with the lens release buttons.

“Users of the Z 9 mirrorless cameras have reported to us that in some cases the lens release button on their cameras does not work properly when pressed. It does not allow you to rotate and remove the lens or adapter from the camera mount ,” Nikon explained at the time in its official statement. Which is very similar to the current one in part Z 8.

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Nikon Z 8 and Z 9

Nikon also has a similar web page for the Z 9 camera, where customers can enter a serial number and inquire about a possible mount issue.

Z 9, Z 8, like other cameras in the Z series, are made in Thailand. In 2021, Nikon moved production there, ending a 70-year-old camera factory in Japan.