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Sony A7S IV might get 6K video and a dual-layer matrix

Sony A7S IV can get 6K video and a dual-layer matrix
Sony A7S IV can get 6K video and a dual-layer matrix

Tthe first information about the next generation camera from Sony – the Sony A7S IV has been unveiled. The information was obtained from an anonymous source and has not yet been confirmed by other independent sources. In particular, it is reported that the camera will have the ability to record 6K video, as well as a minimal rolling shutter effect.

Sony A7S IV, judging by a report from an anonymous source, will receive a new matrix with a resolution of 20.5 megapixels . However, it will have a dual-layer structure and larger pixels for even better quality in low-light conditions. It is reported that this could be the same sensor found in the Sony FX9 cinema camera. The second base ISO will be 25600 , which is incredible and will really allow for very high low-light shooting capabilities.

The new camera will support 6K recording at 24 fps, 30 fps, 60 fps. And, as the source clarifies, even 6K 120 fps, which, frankly, even on paper, sounds unlikely, since in this way the company will provide the hybrid mirrorless camera with more functionality than in the professional line of cinema cameras.

A 4K 120 fps mode will also be available – the image will be obtained from 6K resolution (oversampling), which will provide even greater quality.

The Sony A7S IV may also come with an improved Image Stabilization System (IBIS). In standard mode, it will be capable of delivering up to 8 exposure levels, the source reports. However, Dynamic Active Stabilization mode will also be available . How much it will provide an even more productive stub has not yet been specified.

Both the camera’s electronic viewfinder and display will improve. However, the improvements will be minor. At the same time, the ergonomics of the case itself will also improve compared to the Sony A7S III model. Most likely, this refers to the camera’s grip. At the same time, the Sony A7S IV model will receive an improved cooling system that will prevent the camera from overheating during long-term shooting, even at the highest resolution.

The price of a new generation camera from Sony will be about $4,000. This means that the manufacturer has decided to increase the cost of subsequent cameras in the A7S line, since previous models cost $3,500 at launch.

So far, the source does not provide details about the autofocus capabilities of the Sony A7S IV. All the latest Sony cameras have received artificial intelligence support for autofocus (such as the Sony A9 III). It is also unknown what processor the new camera will receive.

The latest big announcement from Sony is the innovative Sony A9 III reportage camera with global shutter.

The new product has a full-frame matrix with a global shutter with a resolution of 24.6 megapixels, two BIONZ X processors, which provide 8 times more performance than in the previous generation model (Sony A9 II), with support for a shutter speed of 1/80,000 seconds with synchronization. The camera does not have a mechanical shutter.

During the announcement, Sony placed special emphasis on the innovation of the new sensor – the matrix exposes and reads all pixels at the same time. This allows the Sony A9 III to take burst photos at up to 120 fps without darkening or distortion.

At the same time, the matrix works with the most advanced autofocus system from Sony to date. Autofocus works, among other things, based on AI – and thanks to these capabilities it allows for such a high speed of continuous shooting. The 24.6 megapixel CMOS matrix also has built-in memory, the developer reports.

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