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Sony ZV-E10: The new camera for vloggers

Sony ZV E10

Sony Camera News has published rumors that Sony’s new E-mount APS-C camera will target bloggers and streamers and will be called the Sony ZV-E10 . The camera will cost about the same as asking for the a6400, experts expect the price to be around $ 900. The camera is expected to have a fully rotatable screen, improved autofocus with face tracking, IBIS and all this in a compact body.

sony zv 1 camera

Sony ZV-1 blogger camera is popular around the world

Sony ZV-E10 Expected Specs

  • Matrix with a resolution of 24 megapixels
  • Fully swivel screen
  • Cabera will be positioned as a tool for bloggers
  • The camera will be based on a7c with an APS-C format sensor
  • Compact body without electronic viewfinder
  • Improved IBIS stabilization with APS-C format sensor
  • Same FPS as a6600, larger files
  • Improved low light performance
  • Less rolling shutter effect
  • The main characteristics are close to the a7c
  • Price about $ 900
  • Camera coming soon

Taking this opportunity, I would like to add a few phrases about “Wishlist” for the blogging camera. The need for the parameters listed below has been verified by the author personally, and is based on the experience of filming that was carried out in the next month or two, and, so to speak, obtained “in the field”.

Copyright “Wishlist” for a blogging camera

  • 3.5 mm mini-jack for microphone input
  • 3.5mm headphone mini jack output
  • Ability to work and simultaneously charge from a power bank via USB-C
  • Full-size HDMI, worse – mini HDMI, really bad – micro HDMI
  • No time limit for video recording
  • Advanced time-lapse functions (1 second between frames, displaying a picture while shooting without blinking, etc.)
  • SD UHS-II with support for high capacity cards
  • Bright indicator of the start of video recording, for example, a red frame on the screen
  • Sound level indicator on the screen in real time


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