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Spring updates for all versions of Adobe Lightroom

Spring updates for all versions of Adobe Lightroom
Spring updates for all versions of Adobe Lightroom

Adobe has released spring updates for all versions of Adobe Lightroom imaging software – Lightroom, Lightroom Classic , Lightroom Mobile, and Web. The desktop version is 6.3, the iOS and Android version is 8.3.1.

Spring updates for all versions of Adobe Lightroom

What’s new?

There is a digital noise reduction function Denoise , which, according to the latest fashion, is based on artificial intelligence. The function allows you to reduce noise in photos, it works with the RAW format. The company promises to preserve the details of the photo when removing noise. Works in Lightroom, Lightroom Classic, and Adobe Camera RAW (ACR).

The artificial intelligence masking function for human figures allows you to automatically create masks for hair and clothes, now you can edit curves as part of the mask. Works in Lightroom, Lightroom Classic and ACR.

Video editing features . Adobe has long resisted the introduction of video editing features in its photo editor, emphasizing its focus on working with photos, including in RAW format. However, either due to numerous requests from users, or at the behest of the times, or thanks to both, video editing functions are gradually appearing in the program. The new version of the video editing program includes the Crop, Automatic Settings, B/W and some other tools. Also, now you can extract and export still frames from a video faster, which can be very, very useful. I usually freeze frames from Premiere, but sometimes it’s more convenient to do this operation from Lightroom. Works in Lightroom, iOS, Web, Android version coming later.

adaptive presets. The company is also actively promoting a way to edit photos using presets, including adaptive presets, the degree of impact of which can be edited for each image. This function is suitable for portraits and landscapes, as well as for other subjects. Works in Lightroom, Lightroom Classic, ACR, iOS, Android, Web.

As always, when updating versions of the program, we did not forget about support for new cameras and lenses.

Presentation of new features

Apparently, the traditional format of presentations, with a speech by the presenter, demonstration of examples and step-by-step instructions, is becoming a thing of the past. No presenters, no explanations – light music, flashing pictures, animated screensavers and the company logo at the end. Roughly one minute.