The vivo V27 smartphone is a master of portrait photography

The vivo V27 smartphone is a master of portrait photography
The vivo V27 smartphone is a master of portrait photography

As you know, the possibilities of photo and video filming have become an important marketing argument in the promotion of new telephony products. We have repeatedly written about the steps taken in this direction by Huawei , Nokia , Xiaomi , OnePlus , Oppo , iPhone and others, and we must note that smartphone manufacturers have achieved stunning success by investing in their own developments or leading them in collaboration with well-known photo manufacturers: Huawei-Leica ,  Sharp-Leica ,  OnePlus-Hasselblad , Oppo-Kodak , Oppo-Hasselblad… As a result, pictures taken on smartphones are already difficult to distinguish from those taken on cameras – competitions, the so-called mobile photography ( iPhone Photography Awards and Mobile Photo Awards ) demonstrate this every year.

Over the past year, the situation on the smartphone market has changed dramatically – some brands have left, but others have come, many of which consumers have not even heard of before, but now they have occupied significant market shares. It is worth noting that these are often very worthy and technologically advanced devices, including in terms of photo and video shooting capabilities.

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A few days ago, the Chinese company vivo held a presentation of the new V21 series smartphones. The V27 5G – with a Sony IMX766V sensor and OIS (optical stabilization), a new processor and an innovative Aura system designed specifically for portrait photography. The V27e – has a 64 megapixel camera, also with OIS and “Aura” backlight for shooting portraits. Smartphones received the Android 13 operating system with the Funtouch OS 13 shell.

vivo V27 5G

The V27 5G features a 3D curved screen, a slim elegant body of only 7.36mm, and a weight of 182g. It is comfortable to hold in your hand, and the outer camera structure is also integrated seamlessly. And in the Magic Blue color option, the case is photochromic, that is, it can change its color like a chameleon.

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vivo V27 5G comes in two colors: Noble Black and Magic Blue

The 50-megapixel main camera with OIS is based on the sensitive Sony IMX766V sensor, which provides brighter and clearer night shots. The manufacturer has focused on the special features of shooting portraits, for which there is a special portrait shooting mode in low light, as well as Face beauty and bokeh modes, which allow you to add balanced brightness, atmosphere and mood to pictures.

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For selfies, there is a 50-megapixel autofocus front-facing camera.

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The performance of the device is provided by an 8-core 4-nanometer SoC MediaTek D7200. AMOLED screen with a diagonal of 6.78 inches, a resolution of 2400 × 1080 pixels and a frequency of 120 Hz.

ivo V27e

In terms of design, the V27e is not much inferior to the older model – perhaps there is only a curved screen, but it is just as thin (7.7 mm), light – 185 g and elegant.

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vivo V27e Glory Black and Lively Green

The ultra-sensitive 64-megapixel main camera with optical stabilization will allow you to capture even the starry night – night mode algorithms accurately reproduce colors and lighting effects.

Aura-Light Portrait Mode with Intelligent Light Estimation for bright and sophisticated shots.

Low-light portrait mode uses a range of software algorithms to produce balanced shots that perfectly convey atmosphere and mood, and with various filters, the subject and background are processed separately for interesting results.

The younger model Vivo V27e differs from the older one with a slightly smaller screen (6.62 ″ diagonal and a processor – SoC MediaTek G99. There is protection against water, dust, and it also withstands a fall from a height of one meter.

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