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Viltrox AF 27mm F/1.2 lens will be released for Sony E and Nikon Z

Viltrox AF 27mm F/1.2 lens will be released for Sony E and Nikon Z
Viltrox AF 27mm F/1.2 lens will be released for Sony E and Nikon Z

Viltrox is preparing to release a new fast lens with autofocus support. The new Viltrox AF 27mm F/1.2 will be designed for Sony E and Nikon Z mirrorless cameras with APS-C format matrices. The announcement of the new product is expected in December 2023. Previously, this lens was produced for cameras with a Fujifilm X bayonet mount.

The Viltrox AF 27mm F/1.2 lens received the following optical characteristics:

STM autofocus drive
All-metal body
Stepped aperture ring design
Minimum focusing distance to subject: 0.28 m
Weighs approximately 560 grams
Dust- and splash-proof design
Waterproof coating

With a sufficiently high aperture ratio, the lens turned out to be compact.

The optical design of the Viltrox AF 27mm F/1.2 lens consists of 15 elements in 11 groups, including two extra-low dispersion (ED) lenses and five high refractive index lenses combined with high-definition nano-multilayer coatings.

This is how the new product looks on a Fujifilm camera:

The optics have a port in the housing for updating the firmware. The focus ring is quite large, the source clarifies. The ring itself is smooth and has slightly more resistance than on Fujinon lenses. At an aperture of F/1.2, the new optics show excellent sharpness and the absence of chromatic aberrations.

This lens belongs to the Pro line from Viltrox. Earlier in this line, the Viltrox AF 75mm F/1.2 XF Pro lens (for Fujifilm cameras) was announced . In the future, this optics should also be released for Sony E/Nikon Z. The lens has an equivalent focal length of 115mm (at full frame) and has 16 elements in 11 groups with HD Nano coating.

The aperture is 11 blades, there is a USB-C port for firmware updates, as well as a thread for a filter with a diameter of 77 mm. The viewing angle of the lens is 21.35°, the minimum focusing distance is only 88 cm. With dimensions of 87×101 mm, the lens weighs only 670 grams.

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