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What cameras will Nikon introduce in 2023?

What cameras will Nikon introduce in 2023
What cameras will Nikon introduce in 2023

TheNewCamera has shared rumors about Nikon cameras that they think could be introduced next year. This list is based on information from their sources as well as the logic behind Nikon’s camera announcements.

1. Nikon Z8

There were rumors that the Nikon Z 8 would arrive in 2021, but due to a shortage of chips and problems with the production line, the presentation of the camera was delayed further and further. The new Z 8 is said to replace the Nikon D800 series cameras . We hope and expect the Nikon Z 8 development announcement to happen in Q2-Q3 2023.

Nikon Z 8 Specs Rumored

  • 61MP BSI FX format CMOS sensor
  • Dual Expeed 7 as CPU
  • UHD 4K60 video; N-log and 10-bit HDMI Out
  • Still photography 10 fps, ISO 64-25600
  • 567 AF phase sensors
  • 3.2″ swivel touch screen 2.1 million resolution LCD
  • 5-axis stabilization
  • 240MP HighRes mode
  • Two memory card slots

2. Nikon Z6 Mark III

The Canon EOS R and Sony α7 IV cameras have 30MP and 33MP sensors, respectively. We know that the Canon EOS R update will also get 30MP. So Nikon’a has no other choice, and they will have to introduce a similar model Nikon Z6 Mark III.

Expected specifications Nikon Z6 Mark III

  • FX CMOS sensor 30-33 MP
  • Expeed 7 sensor
  • 5-axis stabilization
  • UHD 4K/60fps; N-log and 10-bit recording
  • New AI based object detection from Nikon Z9
  • Real time tracking
  • Two slots with memory cards.

The presentation of the Nikon Z 6 III can be expected in early 2023. The expected price is about $2500.

To improve overall AF performance, Nikon is expected to add Intelligent Focusing (AI AF) from the flagship Z 9 to the Z 6 Mark III.

With the introduction of the new processor, camera manufacturers are also introducing new image recording algorithms along with AF algorithms. So if Nikon wants to compete in the market, they will have to use the Nikon Z 9 Expeed 7 Image Rocydor.

3. Nikon Z 7 Mark III

If you look at the previous presentation, the Nikon Z 7 Mark II was presented along with the smaller model ( Z 6II ), and we would like to see them together again.

Possible specifications Nikon Z 7III

  • FX CMOS sensor BSI 45MP
  • Double Expeed 7
  • UHD 4K60 video; N-log and 10-bit HDMI Out
  • Photography 20 fps RAW, 30 fps JPEG; ISO 64-25600
  • 493-point AF system with phase detection
  • Swivel touch screen 3.2″ 2.1 million
  • 5-axis stabilization
  • Two memory card slots

Nikon Z 7 Mark III is a camera with a higher resolution sensor, so it is highly likely that if Nikon Z 8 is introduced earlier, then the release of the Nikon Z 7III camera will be delayed by 7-8 months. What will be logical – in business there is no logic in the release of two competing high-resolution cameras at once.

4. Nikon Z 90 / Z 70

This is possibly a replacement for the Nikon D500 SLR . Expected in 2023.

The Nikon Z 90 is expected to be an APS-C flagship with a sophisticated APS-C format sensor and built-in IBIS. It is expected that the camera will receive 6K, and will present it in March 2023.

5. Nikon Z 50 Mark II

Nikon Z 50 Mark II should appear in the second or third quarter of 2023. It is expected that it will receive a swivel screen and a new processor that will improve AF and video capabilities. The camera is expected to be able to record N-Log, HDR and Full HD 240 fps.

6. Nikon Z5 Mark II

The Nikon Z 5 update should also happen , as it was introduced back in July 2020. The new Nikon Z 5 Mark II camera can be expected in the 4th quarter of 2023. The camera should receive 4K recording from a full sensor.

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