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Will Nikon Z9 receive a sensor from TowerJazz?

PhotoWebExpo Nikon Z9 poluchit datchik ot TowerJazz

According to the latest information, Nikon Z9 will use a sensor not from Sony, but from TowerJazz . Apparently, in this way Nikon wants to gain more independence from Sony.

PhotoWebExpo Nikon Z9 poluchit datchik ot TowerJazz

“ It seems reasonable to assume that the Z9 will not be ‘just a mirrorless’ camera that ‘works too’, but a fundamentally new level of proposition. Nikon appears to be changing the paradigm of its future by fully developing its own sensors using its own innovations, rather than “personalizing” Sony’s existing sensor offerings.

While this is all speculation at this point, the evidence seems to be coming soon. Thus, it is quite possible the Z9 will become another benchmark for Nikon, and in a completely new way. If the facts are finally confirmed, then the appearance of the Z9 should be interesting for users of other cameras . “

In the interview below  – the  opinion of a TowerJazz employee about cooperation with Nikon:

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