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Acer AOPEN: The most compact portable projectors

Acer Aopen
Acer presents a whole line of AOPEN portable projectors. Four models: Acer AH15, AV10, AV10a and PV10 – are made in the most compact form factor and are equipped with built-in batteries for autonomous operation. Thanks to this, you can easily take them with you to visit your friends and arrange a joint viewing of your favorite films or programs in any convenient place. And the presence of its own speakers and support for wireless connection to image sources, including smartphones and tablets, reduce projector setup time to almost zero.
  •     Acer AH15, AV10, AV10a – combine the functions of a stylish portable projector and Bluetooth speakers in one body.
  •     Acer PV10 is the most compact portable projector with excellent technical capabilities.
  •     Support for 480p and 720p resolution – high-quality detail for home video viewing on a large projection screen.
  •     High contrast and brightness help you enjoy entertainment in all conditions.
  •     The AH15, AV10 and AV10a models can function as a wireless speaker, and the AV10a also supports an app store for downloading popular video services.
  •     Ease of use and comfort: complete remote control and support for wireless connection to smartphones and PCs.
  •     High reliability – lamp life in all new models reaches an impressive 30,000 hours.

AH15, AV10 and AV10a – style and versatility

Acer AV10a
The Acer AH15, AV10 and AV10a projectors look as modern as possible and will easily fit into any interior thanks to the combination of a dark body and silver or bronze (in AH15) accents on its top and bottom. The user may notice that in their outward appearance the new items are more like Bluetooth speakers, and he won’t be mistaken – all three projectors can serve as portable speakers thanks to the built-in 5-watt stereo speakers. Also for this, the AH15, AV10 and AV10a models support wireless connection to sound and image sources and are able to transmit a picture from the screen of a smartphone or tablet without installing additional software. And for wired connections, they provide a full range of ports, including USB Type-C (with charging), HDMI and USB (Type A). Projectors can play video from user memory cards,
The Acer AH15 projects images at 720p (1280 x 720 pixels), while the AV10 and AV10a support 480p (854 x 480 pixels), which is enough for comfortable viewing of movies, videos and photo collages. And thanks to the high contrast ratio of 10,000: 1 and the brightness of 150 lumens, the new items work perfectly at any time of the day and in any room. High-quality color reproduction with 85% coverage of the NTSC space ensures natural and rich colors of the projection.
Despite the built-in battery (4000 mAh in the AH15 and AV10, 8000 mAh in the AV10a), the new items weigh less than 750 grams and are extremely portable. They will not take up much space in your backpack and will help you arrange a party with watching videos or movies in any format and place convenient for the user. Other advantages of projectors include ease of operation, which can be carried out directly from the top of the projector or using the remote control, instant on and off the system, and the ability to project an image on any surface thanks to automatic image correction. At the same time, Acer AV10a is a “smart” projector and is able to download applications for watching TV shows and movies (for example, Smart YouTube and Netflix) through the pre-installed Aptoide TV APP market. All models work almost silently (30 dB in operation),

Acer PV10 – minimalism and ultraportability

Acer PV10
The Acer PV10 Projector seems tiny even when compared to other compact AOPEN models. Its white body weighs almost half the weight of the other new products (350 g) and is made in the classic rectangular format, familiar to fans of home and office projectors. At the same time, the PV10 is equipped with the most capacious 9,000 mAh battery in the lineup and can work without recharging for up to 5 hours (in Eco mode). Taking it for a visit, the user can be sure that the joint viewing will not have to be interrupted in search of a power cable for the projector. For maximum comfort, the novelty is equipped with a 2-watt built-in speaker, and supports wireless connection to image sources and control using a remote control, like the rest of the line. For wired connection, the PV10 has an HDMI input.
The Acer PV10 is capable of projecting images in FWVGA (854 x 480) resolution with a 5000: 1 contrast ratio and 300 lumens brightness with high-quality color reproduction and 100% NTSC color space coverage. At the same time, it works even quieter than its “colleagues” in the line – in ECO mode its noise level does not exceed 25 dB.

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