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Acer XD1520i: Full HD Compact projector

Acer presents the new XD1520i projector. The model has a compact form factor: the length and width correspond to A4 paper format – 297×200 mm, the thickness of the device is less than 7 cm, and the weight is only 2.1 kg. With its wireless function, this projector is the perfect solution for those who spend their lives on the move: delivering a presentation that makes an outing meeting a success, or relaxing while watching a movie at a friend’s house has never been easier. The brightness of 4000 LED lumens (1600 ANSI lumens) ensures excellent light transmission, even in bright rooms.

With a FullHD resolution (1920 x 1080 pixels), the image looks as realistic as possible, and the expanded (1.2-1, 4 times compared to conventional LED lamps), the color gamut will delight the eye of every viewer with reliable color reproduction. The built-in speaker (3 W) adds variability to the operation of the device, and the ability to wirelessly connect to a smartphone or tablet greatly simplifies the setup and administration process. The XD1520i’s lamp life reaches an impressive 30,000 hours and underpins the impressive functionality of the technical base with reliability and durability.

Main advantages:

  • The compactness of the AcerXD1520i makes it the ideal portable projector for even the most active traveler.
  • Its A4 sheet form factor and 2.1 kg weight make it an invisible companion even on long journeys.
  • FullHD resolution support will allow every user to enjoy high image quality, including on large projection screens.
  • The size of the displayed image varies from a minimum value of 76cm and can reach 762cm diagonally at maximum settings.
  • The remote control and the ability to wirelessly connect to smartphones and PCs make the user experience as comfortable as possible.
  • Its 4000 LED lumens (1600 ANSI lumens) brightness makes the projector suitable for use even in well-lit rooms.
  • The high contrast ratio of 1,000,000: 1 allows the dark colors of the projected image to be deeper and more saturated.
  • Image keystone values ​​are +/- 40 ° in both manual and automatic modes.
  • The huge choice of installation method (direct, reverse, direct-to-ceiling, reverse-ceiling) makes it a truly convenient and flexible solution.
  • The expanded color gamut allows you to achieve the most accurate color reproduction.
  • PC-free projection enables video playback, photo viewing and PDF presentation directly from a personal USB drive.
  • By connecting to an Acer wireless adapter, users can ditch the cable and project an image from their smartphone, laptop or PC via a wireless signal.
  • Its 360-degree horizontal rotation provides maximum ease of adjusting the position of the projector and makes the AcerXD1520i a versatile solution for the most demanding environments.
  • The AcerXD1520i can operate 24/7 without the added risk of prematurely depleting the projector lamp.

Style and compactness

The dimensions of the AcerXD1520i correspond to the A4 paper sheet format (297×200 mm), and the thickness of the device is only 68.7 mm. In such a compact form factor, the new model has a pleasantly understated design: the smooth lines and soft curves of the corners are set off by the chrome-plated lens focusing ring, which is located at the front of the device. The control panel of nine buttons located on the upper plane organically fits into the overall appearance of the case. The portability and increased mobility of the projector are combined with high performance and an impressive list of features.


Supporting FullHighDefinition resolution and 1600 ANSI lumens of image brightness, the image is perfectly sharp and sharp, even when projected on large screens during daylight hours or under intense artificial light. The DLP image output technology, which powers the new model from Acer, together with the extended color gamut of the projector lamp, ensure high color reproduction even when watching videos rich in vivid colors. The life of the LED lamp itself is 20,000 hours of operation in normal mode, and using Eco mode can increase it to an even more impressive figure of 30,000 hours. The ability to play images without a PC directly from the hard drive.

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