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AOpen A15: Acer launches mini Bluetooth projector

Since the introduction of small LED projectors in 2003, manufacturers have been struggling to come up with an optimal application and appropriate form factor. Now they are increasingly being given the maximum similarity to Bluetooth speakers both in form and in functionality – due to the enormous popularity of the latter.

Acer did the same, releasing a vertically oriented gadget with a height of 13.5 cm with a perforated body, a battery, two speakers and controls on the top end, which also has a small lens.

The model was named Acer AOpen A15. It is based on a single-chip circuit with a miniature 0.3-inch DMD3010 micromirror matrix with a resolution of 1280×720 pixels and a triad of sequentially lit LEDs of primary RGB colors. The latter circumstance gave the company a reason to present two characteristics of the luminous flux at once: LED brightness 700 lm and ANSI brightness 150 lm.

Naturally, for comparison with other projectors, you need to focus on the second value. With such a flow, a more or less bright picture can be obtained on a diagonal of up to 60 inches on a white surface with complete blackout. Acer promised that the lifespan of the LED light source will exceed 30,000 hours, which is more than enough for the life of the projector itself.

The fact is that, according to official data, the battery charge of AOpen A15 will only last for 2 hours of video playback with sound. But as a Bluetooth speaker, it can confidently work for more than 8 hours. And in this capacity it is not bad at all – it has a full-fledged stereo amplifier with a power of 5 W per channel and a DSP processor with several settings for different styles of music.

Video from smartphones and tablets AOpen A15 can also show “wirelessly”, displaying a “mirror” of screens using a dongle, which must be purchased separately. By default, it is designed to display video from the HDMI input and through the built-in media player that reads information from USB flash drives or disks, as well as microSD cards.

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