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Barco G100: Laser projectors with a matrix resolution of 1920×1200

Barco G100

Barco has introduced a new series of Barco G100 single-chip laser projectors with a matrix resolution of 1920×1200. The luminous flux of the three models of the G100 series projectors is: 17,200, 19,000 and 22,000 lumens, which allows them to be used in projects requiring large and bright projection.

A wide range of connectivity options, including support for two HDMI 2.0 (HDCP 2.2) and a 20,000 hour laser light source, make the G100 Series a smart investment that will last. A new line of GC series lenses has been developed for the projectors, including lenses with a throw ratio from 0.38: 1 to 10.8: 1, with wide image shift capabilities.

Barco G100

“The G100 Series has been designed for installations that need to provide bright, powerful projectors at a reasonable price,” said Richard Marples, Barco’s director of sales. “With an outstanding price / performance ratio, our G100 Series models are ideal for projects of all sizes and complexity.”

The new G100 series significantly expands the capabilities of Barco’s single-chip family of projectors and is well suited for multimedia attractions, planetariums, theme parks and all kinds of indoor and outdoor events.

A distinctive feature of the G100 series models is high energy efficiency corresponding to class A. In addition, all models are capable of operating in high ambient temperatures, up to 50 ° C. And in a number of installations, the low noise level of the cooling system will be especially relevant.

While retaining the key benefits of previous generations of Barco’s single-chip installation projectors: serviceability, customization flexibility and high reliability, the new G100 series models offer installers higher brightness, support for an expanded GC lens line and compatibility with leading video standards.

All this allows you to implement projects in completely different conditions and achieve better results with less equipment.

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