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BenQ TH685i: Budget projector for both gaming and movies

Following televisions, video projectors today have evolved from an ordinary means of displaying a video signal (and even capricious in installation!) Into real entertainment centers for every taste. The new BenQ TH685i boasts not only extensive functionality, but also a powerful luminous flux that allows you to operate the projector in any room.

BenQ TH685i DLP Projector

In addition,  you get the opportunity to enjoy a movie without wires, settings and long installations of equipment – working over a Wi-Fi network eliminates the need to lay cables under the ceiling.

Like any modern smart device, projectors today are unthinkable without the ability to wirelessly transfer content from smartphones or tablets, as well as laptops and personal computers. In this case, the broadcast of any video or photo stream is available from any external devices: you don’t have to buy any additional devices. And even music streaming is also available, because the device has a built-in speaker system.

BenQ TH685i DLP Projector

As you probably already guessed, the new budget model from BenQ is built on the Google TV platform and is fully compatible with the Google Play universe. In which, by the way, there are not only many video services, but also a lot of high-quality games. So even if you don’t have a game console, a projector can also contribute to interactive relaxation.

BenQ TH685i DLP Projector

Let’s move on to the technical part. The smallest model in the new line of BenQ smart projectors is built on a micromirror chip from Texas Instruments with a resolution of 1080p (1920 x 1080).

Yes, this is just Full HD, but let’s not jump to conclusions. The main features of the device are the stunning luminous flux and record-high delay in image output – only 8.3 ms at a frequency of 120 Hz! In addition, the model is capable of handling 4K HDR signals and uses a six-segment, two-speed color wheel. Such a system allows to nullify the rainbow effect on DLP.

BenQ TH685i DLP Projector

The most important indicator for domestic use of a projector is, of course, the luminous flux. Where a dedicated and completely darkened room for a home theater is not provided, ordinary projection devices, of course, will lose to the TV – the slightest flare will make the image faded.

However, BenQ TH685i is virtually devoid of this limitation – the projector has a luminous flux of 3,500 lumens, so it can be used in incompletely dark rooms, it works great even in dim light! And a contrast ratio of 10,000: 1 (Full On / Full Off) guarantees sufficient resolution in grayscale. The effect of switching from a conventional 65-inch TV to at least 120-inches of a projection screen, of course, turns out to be very strong, there will be no turning back, as they say.

BenQ TH685i DLP Projector

Another important point that distinguishes the BenQ TH685i from its classmates is the CinematicColor technology, which allows you to enjoy an absolutely natural picture with colors as close as possible to the “cinematic” colors.

The model is also supported by 95% coverage of the Rec.709 color space and a long-life lamp. Let’s dwell on the service life in more detail – you don’t have to worry about it, because in the standard (with the same 3,500 lumens of flux) mode, the manufacturer guarantees 4,000 hours of lamp operation, and this figure reaches 10,000 hours in eco-mode and 15,000 hours in mode saving lamp! And since the luminous flux of the model is very solid, you are unlikely to use the device at the maximum lamp power all the time, so it will last a very, very long time and will not require any maintenance and additional costs.

BenQ TH685i DLP Projector

I would also like to highlight the exclusive FamiLand application, which is preinstalled on this projector model. It allows you to select YouTube content for your child, control the time spent in front of the screen and create playlists from safe broadcasts.

BenQ TH685i DLP Projector

The device is very flexible in installation – the video projector provides a throw ratio of 1.13 – 1.46 and covers a 100 inch screen from a distance of only 2.5 meters. The optics have a 1.3x zoom ratio, and the built-in 30-degree vertical trapezoid correction system and 105% offset will allow the device to fit into almost any room.

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