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BenQ TH690ST: 1080p gaming projector for next-gen consoles

BenQ TH690ST, 1080p gaming projector for new generation consoles
BenQ TH690ST, 1080p gaming projector for new generation consoles

BenQ TH690ST is a projector designed to provide an immersive gaming experience in large format. A device with which to multiply the fun game after game.

BenQ TH690ST, immersive and fluid action

The firm BenQ launches an ideal projector for gamers . It is the reference TH690ST . A product with gaming features that allows you to make the most of the qualities of the new consoles in a sensational screen size.

Projector Features

The TH690ST model created for gaming use is distinguished by low input lag , high brightness of 2,300 lumens , and a long lifespan of 30,000 hours of its 4LED light source  . Designed with home gaming spaces in mind, it has a short throw distance , delivering a 100″ image in just 1.5m .

BenQ TH690ST

The BenQ gaming projector is suitable for the 120 Hz of the Xbox Series X and PS5 consoles , giving a response time of 8.3 ms at 1080p resolution , the maximum it reaches (it is compatible with 4K at 60 Hz). In addition, it offers a color coverage of 84% DCI-P3 and 98% Rec.709 , which means vivid and accurate colors before our eyes.

More details of the product

The device measures 366mm wide by 244mm high by 118mm deep, and weighs 3.6kg . It has a set of 5 W treVolo stereo speakers , capable of providing a sound experience at the level of your applications.

In the connectivity section, the pair of HDMI 2.0b ports stand out . And if we want to enjoy a richer sound, it includes S/PDIF audio output . The projector has a typical power consumption of 140 W , which in standby mode drops to 0.5 W. The BenQ TH690ST gaming projector is now available and for sale with a recommended price of 1,199 euros .

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