BenQ X3000i: The first 4LED 4K HDR gaming projector

BenQ X3000i
BenQ X3000i

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BenQ  introduces a new gaming projector to its lineup, the  X3000i . The projector produces a 4K HDR image , for which it uses 4 LED matrices  . This number, instead of the usual three, promises a higher projection brightness, as well as a longer quality life of the projector.

The X3000i  offers ultra-low input latency of 4ms for 1080p / 240Hz playback , 8ms for 1080p/120Hz , and 16ms for 4K/60Hz , which gives the manufacturer the right to call this device a gaming device.

For video games, the  X3000i comes  with 3 preset picture and sound modes:  RPG  for fully immersive cinematic gameplay,  FPS  for lightning-fast response to immediate threats, and  SPG  for more realistic storytelling.

The projector delivers 3,000  lumens  (approximately 924 nits  equivalent) of light output with a 500,000:1 contrast ratio , and uses a range of advanced technologies for high image quality, according to the manufacturer.

First,  the X3000i  delivers true 4K  resolution as opposed to the pseudo-4K devices (using pixel shifting technique) common on the market. Secondly, the image refresh rate is 240 Hz , which helps to better convey the dynamic scenes that video games are full of. Thirdly, the projector covers 100%  DCI-P3 space for accurate and true-to-life color reproduction. And finally,  HDR-PRO and  Dynamic Black technologies provide high contrast and sharp detail in dark scenes due to a special algorithm for optimizing the light output.

For easy projection adjustment, the  X3000i is equipped  with 1.3x zoom and 2D keystone correction.

For external connections, among others, two  HDMI 2.0b connectors are provided , capable of receiving a signal with quality up to 4K / 120Hz or 1080p / 240Hz .

In terms of audio, the projector is equipped with two 5W wide-range stereo speakers , and proprietary  Bongiovi DPS technology provides surround effect to the sound. In addition, the  X3000i  supports  eARC  technology to transmit high quality  Dolby Atmos signal to an external audio device.
As you know, over time, the light source in projectors fades, which leads to a loss of color and requires, in the end, its replacement. However, the  X3000i  ‘s 4-sensor design, coupled with proprietary auto-calibration technology, ensures consistent image quality over a lifetime of 20,000 hours of continuous use, says  BenQ . This is equivalent to more than 10 years if you use the projector for 5 hours a day.

The manufacturer’s announced price for the  X3000i  projector is $1,999. For the period until March 7, pre-orders have been announced, after which the projector will go to the distribution network.

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