Christie Mirage SST-6P: Another huge Step Forward in 3D projectors

Christie Mirage SST 6P

Christie announced today the release of the Mirage SST-6P , a new 3D dual head system with 18,000 lumens, 4K resolution, RGB pure laser source and 6-Primary colors that delivers twice the brightness on screen than with a combination of 30,000 lumens from traditional tube 3D projectors. The new system creates vibrant, colorful and detailed 3D images in a variety of venues such as amusement parks and giant dome screens.

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The 6-Primary system (six primary colors, 6P) with two projection heads uses two sets of RGB lasers with a small wavelength offset: one for the right eye and one for the left. The lenses of reusable passive 3D glasses filter different wavelengths, direct light to the left or right eye without switching. This makes viewing 3D images more natural and comfortable. The result is a projection system that is 90% efficient at projecting light onto the screen and is compatible with white screen blending and multi-projector systems commonly found in dome rooms and multimedia attractions (such as horror rooms or virtual flights). …

“With the introduction of the Mirage SST-6P, dark 3D images are a thing of the past ,” said Larry Paul, executive director of Christie Technology and Custom Solutions, Enterprise and Entertainment. – The Mirage SST-6P projection system is specially designed for 3D imaging. It surpasses the DCI-P3 color space requirements and ensures that 3D images in amusement parks and planetariums are exactly as intended – bright, contrasting and colorful. This means that viewers will receive a level of detail that was previously unattainable. ” Powered by TruLife ™ electronics, the Mirage SST-6P delivers 4K resolution for 3D content at 120 frames per second, with optional 2K capability at 480 frames per second.

The new projection system uses two fiber optic projection heads with separate light sources and cooling systems. Compact and lightweight, the projection heads run quietly and generate extremely low heat dissipation of less than 2,400 BTU each.

The Mirage SST-6P can be installed in any position: equipped with a solid-state light source, it provides flexible installation in tight and hard-to-reach places and 30,000 hours of operation until the brightness is reduced by 20%, with little or no maintenance.

The Christie Mirage SST-6P has a built-in Christie Twist ™ blending and geometry correction module.

It is compatible with the Christie Mystique ™ camera-based auto-alignment solution and the Christie Guardian solution, which provides seamless, real-time, automatic blending correction to viewers, even during content playback.
Christie Mirage SST-6P is available to order now.

Read more about the SST-6P here.

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