Dangbei Emotn N1: Portable projector certified by Netflix

Dangbei Emotn N1

The Chinese company Dangbei releases a budget portable video projector Emotn N1 , featuring easy installation and Full HD resolution.


It is one of the first models in the world to receive an official Netflix certification . This means that it comes pre-installed with the branded application of the popular streaming service. The projector can form an image from 60 to 120 inches diagonally, the maximum luminous flux generated by the LED light source is 500 lumens .


The projector has an auto focus and keystone correction system. Network connection is possible via an Ethernet port, wireless capabilities include a Wi-Fi module and a Bluetooth adapter. The model is running Android TV OS. An HDMI port is provided for the physical connection of signal sources, and there is also a USB-A port for connecting storage drives with content. With dimensions of 182 x 125 x 192 mm, the projector weighs just under 2 kg .


The Dangbei Emotn N1 projector is available in white and black and is sold internationally for 500 euros .

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