Epson projectors bring next-generation video games to the big screen

Epson announces two new HDMI 2.1-capable 4K laser projectors for home theater and video games. The EH-LS12000B and EH-LS11000W support HDR10 +, HDMI 2.1 and offer low input latency.

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These devices use a completely new 4K graphics processor, as well as Epson’s proprietary 3LCD projection technology, which provides a separate matrix for each RGB stream without a color wheel, and, therefore, forms an image without a rainbow effect on the screen. In addition, they are equipped with filters to improve the smoothness of action scenes and improve clarity.

The laser light source in the new models delivers an impressive 2,500,000: 1 contrast ratio, the manufacturer says. The only difference between the two is that the EH-LS12000B delivers 2,700 lumens, while the EH-LS11000W delivers 2,500 lumens.

Another feature of the new devices is their gaming orientation. They are equipped with an HDMI 2.1 port, thanks to which they are able to receive a 4K / 120Hz signal from the next generation PS5 and Xbox Series X consoles, as well as from computers. According to Epson, the delay time of the incoming signal in these projectors does not exceed 20 ms.

Both units feature motorized optics for easy image adjustments, with 2.1x optical zoom, autofocus and lens shift (+/- 96.3% vertical and +/- 47.1% horizontal). They also support Calman Ready technology for easy calibration.

Epson has a reputation for producing quality projectors that deliver true-to-life, color-rich images. We hope that the new items will continue this glorious tradition.

The EH-LS12000B and EH-LS11000W will go on sale in Europe in October-November with announced prices of £ 4,400.  and £ 4100 pounds.