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JVC DLA-NZ7 / DLA-NZ8 / DLA-NZ9: 8K projector lineup unveiled

The rumors circulating in the summer were fully confirmed – the new JVC lineup will include three projectors with support for 8K resolution: JVC DLA-NZ7, DLA-NZ8 and DLA-NZ9. All of them will use a proprietary BLU-Escent laser phosphor light source with a 20,000 hour replacement period, but their luminous flux will be different: JVC DLA-NZ7 has 2,200 lumens, DLA-NZ8 has 2,500 lumens, and DLA-NZ9 – 3000 lm.

The optics for all D-ILA models will remain all glass with lenses in coated lenses, but the resolution enhancers will change. Only the DLA-NZ7 model will retain the previous e-shift version, but with a new electronic control, and the DLA-NZ8 and DLA-NZ9 models will receive a fundamentally new e-shiftX system, which will shift the image not in one, but in two directions, creating thus four different half-frames, due to which the resolution will be increased four times, not two times.

Naturally, all models will receive new central processing units and processors, as well as, for the first time in history, two HDMI 2.1 inputs with support for 8K video at 60 Hz and 4K at 120 Hz. The maximum input bandwidth for the HDMI v2.1 standard is 48 Gbps.


The projectors will also support dynamic tone mapping for HDR video, and the HDR10 + standard will be available in full – with the receipt of dynamic metadata from the players.


The company said that the color gamut of the two higher models is 100% DCI-P3, and DLA-NZ7 – 93%. And with the same modesty traditional for the company, it was said about the contrast. For the top model DLA-NZ9, it is declared at 100,000: 1, for DLA-NZ8 – 80,000: 1, and for DLA-NZ7 – only 40,000: 1, which is even too careful, because in reality the contrast is several times higher – we have already tested the pre-production sample DLA-NZ7.

By the way, according to our information, the company’s new lineup will include at least one more D-ILA model with the same design and matrices, but with a high-pressure lamp as in the N-series projectors. It will be called JVC DLA-NP5, it will have 4K resolution, but it will also be equipped with HDMI v2.1 inputs and, accordingly, will be able to support 4K120 and HDR10 + video.

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